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April 26, 2010


Mind your manners.

(Thanks to Poker)


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Never bring fusilli to a rigatoni fight.

Was Siouxie in Boston?

women. can't live with 'em, can't fart on an elevator.

what kinda sauce? red sauce?? that changes everything.

Clearly, he failed in not holding the door for them. If it had slammed in their faces, the pasta wouldn't have hit him.

Dawg...it was tomato sauce NOT blood all over his shirt so NO I was nowhere near Boston.

Did any of these two have hammers ? Every guy is thinking "There, but for the Grace of God go I."

Lesson learned, maybe. I had a Muslim student with me one time who I thought was being rude. He would not meet the waitress' eye or speak directly to her. It turned out that, by his standards, he was being very polite. He could not bring himself to speak to a non-related woman, much less invite two of them into an elevator.
OT, my 3-year old grandson recently insisted we had an alligator. When he said he would show it to me, he lead me to the "alligator", which is what took you from one floor to the other.

Next time, if he's smart, he'll take the stairs.

So, his crime is he failed to hit the door open button? How do they know? Maybe it just wasn't working. Or maybe he panicked and couldn't locate the right button quickly enough. I've been there...

apologies to my pasta-eating pups...

Oh this is the night, it's just right for a fight
And we call it bella notte
Look at my size! You'll have stars in your eyes
And this lovely ravioli.
Move aside with your loved one,
Open the dam door!!!!! you'll hear...
Our fight will leave our 'magic spill',
We gonna shove you clear!
Oh this is the night, you'll remember this fight!
On this lovely bella notte!

^ '...On this lovely bella notte = elevatah'



Roxbury riot II. You sure these (real?) names weren't changes to protect the stupid?

A lotta guys have to pay for such treatment.

Sioux's weapon of choice is a machete, not limp pasta.

Sioux don't like limp things, I've heard. Additionally, Boston's way too cold for Sioux.

In fact, when officers arrived at the Tremont Street building late Saturday night they said they found noodles dripping off the back of Warsame.

SIlly ladies, don't they know that in Boston, WEDNESDAY is Prince Spaghetti Day?

Did they offer him some fresh ground black people?

" No carbohydrates please. I'm on Atkins. "

Hmmm, a certain group of authors/"musicians" were performing on Tremont Street Saturday night.

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