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April 30, 2010


Don't let flatulence molecules ruin your sleep.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)

UPDATE: In related news;

Flatulent orange superhero has a blast in British poll

We definitely need to send that guy to Washington.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I TOTALLY invented this about 6 years ago! But production costs were too high, so I settled for shoving a charcoal brickette up hubbys' bum.

Calling to order now.....for Mr. Coconuts' birthday

I love the little puffy white clouds. Can I just get a blanket to emit those?

But . . .

In the "before" scene, she is on the left side of the bed. In the "after" scene, she is on the right. So, maybe, the real solution to her problem was simply to move upwind (so to speak)?

Already solved that one. It's called a couch. Although I like Punkin's idea.

Wimmins fart too ya know.

No we don't. We whine.

...and for those 'Heavy Snorers':
The Better Marriage Silent but Deadly 'Smother Pillow':
You'll stop his snoring forever.

Punkin, aren't you single?

Duct tape for snoring. You can use the charcoal blanket to wrap the body in so the cadaver dogs can't pick up the scent.

Siouxie told me.

So.....how do you clean the blanket? That carbon lining has to wear out after a while, or after it's....um....er.....hit its level of absorbance. I just can't imagine what that thing would smell like after, say, 12 months.

Hey tf8, mrs. p. once proposed I use that anti-snoring pillow, but it turned out she hated the gasping and flailing almost as much as the snoring.

They wouldn't give her her money back, either.

I like Annie's idea - and just to thoroughly mask that 'manly smell' maybe I'll dose him in that Eau d' Emasculation spray we learned about yesterday...

and pad: if mrs. pad had applied that pillow with alittle more pressure, then you shouldn't've been gaspin' & flailin' atall.

'jes sayin....

ha, the winds of change is coming i can smell it, harrharrrr.

Ozzie and Harriet had the right idea after all.

I'm married. We each have our own room. That's why we're still married.

Bonmot, we don't fart......we poofer.

Buy it by the roll and use a washable duvet cover.

The alternative is to control the source.

Oops; try this.

In our case, the major problem is the dogs. We frequently get aromas wafting from their direction that they don't seem to notice.
My wife blames me, of course, because of my tendency to say, "Let's see if they'll eat this".
They always do.

I'm a little concerned that Ralph knows links to industrial rubber goods. Butt hey, whatever floats your boat.

Dave, too funny. This can go on the 2011 Christmas gift guide. Hhmmmmm... Let's see who could I by that for? Someone comes to mind!

"flatulent orange" wbanfarb

It's cheaper to just not feed them.

There is not a guy in the world that would ever buy that product. And it's 120 bucks + shipping! Hey, if we men can deal with that offensive smell of nail polish remover and hairspray, you ladies can certainly handle a bit of cheese.

Death of the dutch oven.

Looks like Beany is single Blogettes. Rippin' good time.

Most politicians try to not let you now how full of sh!+ they are. Sounds like Beany owns up to it.

Reminds me of the friend whose new, young wife (long ago when we were all young) was bothered the first time he "ruffled the covers".

My favorite part of this is the suggestion that it would make a great wedding or anniversary gift: "Here, honey!" Nothing says I love you like hinting that your spouse farts too much in bed.

Maybe she should learn to cook more than baked beans.

Aha! A great Mother's Day gift for my wife!!

And it's lined with the same material used to protect troops against chemical weapons!

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