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April 27, 2010


A Lewiston, Minn., man told Winona police he lost control of his car and crashed it into a power line pole because his dog puked on him, police said.

(Thanks to trustf8)


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How gross!

Was Stephen King involved in any way?

Man's best friend and most useful alibi.

His story was corroborated when police found vomit in the car, Williams said.

How do we know it was Dog Vomit (GNFARB?) or "drunken idiot without a license" vomit?

true, jeff, & most dogs eat their own...

I must insert here that my best girl, who now wins sheep dog trials, regurgitated about a quart of puppy chow on me as I brought her home for the first time. There are far worse things.

Pogo SHE is one stunningly beautiful dog - Congrats!

How bad a driver do you have to be to make a dog motion sick?

If I had a dollar for everytime this happened to me..... Pogo, beautiful dog and very intelligent looking also.

CUTE dog!

Kinda reminds me of Sally Fields in the Flying Nun with her ears.

Sure - when you NEED them to hang out the window, what do you get?

(She's a sweet looking pooch, pogo)

Bye bye Jeff, I hope you and J have fun roulering the bon temps.
Happy Birthday Cindy, laissez les bon tomps rouler your own self.
Pogo, very cute dog you got there.

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