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April 24, 2010


Dave last night 

(Thanks to Ted)


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At least he didn't use the bagel as a pillow and eat his bag.

I recommend keeping one eye on your bagel, Dave.

The two secrets of successful touring, lots of rest and a healthy diet.

Bagels and muffins, the breakfast of champions (when beer isn't available).

Bagels with beer, muffins with single malt ... that the proper diet ... or so I've heard ... yeah ... I heard that sumplace ...

I blame the squirrels. They love bagels. He should have kept it inside the 1qt plastic resealable baggie,

Anyone got a Sharpie?? ;-P

llife will get back to moral(?) I mean normal, and when it does applejuice is nit (nit?) suggested with had boiled egges

....and (hot) coffeee shouild be in a c e r a mic c up , not in a glass meant for milk o r water

At least it wasn't a dark and stormy night.

applejuice? I just had hard eggs. is apple juice th a same as toast? or is bread softer

at this point I think snali (snail) mai l would be morst appropriate

this soft bread or it is an envielope?

My daughter recommends the caption: "Sleepy Author/Rock God" - not rock cod.

"Roced his sox off"

Rock and Roll never forgets.

Could someone please wipe Dave's drool???

Rock stars are so cute when they're asleep. I hope the imprint of the bag on his face goes away before the show tonight.

Didn't know Homer Simpson was now a RBR. Donuts. Yum...

Siouxie (from another thread), I agree. That song that Kathy Goldmark sings (title?) was a real show-stealer! I loved it. Also, Ellen McCourt had a great song about Brooklyn Romance that had the crowd laughing. All-in-all, the Remainders pretty much had the crowd laughing the whole time and it was obvious that everyone on stage was enjoying themselves.
Nc, Sam Barry says hello and he remembers you. He had us in stitches with a story he was telling - a very funny guy. We were broken up by the Security people who were becoming more and more convinced that we should leave. Which we pretended to do and which Jeff and Jackie did do. This caused Security to drop their guard and we wandered back in and that's when we got to meet The Dave. Who immediately asked, "Where's Jeff Meyerson?" Even though we couldn't produce him, Dave graciously signed some stuff and ushered us out the door, possibly preventing us from being tased.
But we did get electrified later, on a big building in Times Square, which was much better.

NotSherly (et al), pix of last night now on view at:


Great pictures NS! Meanie and Jeff look so normal. Thank you for telling S.Barry hello for me and that made my day. You should have told Dave that Jeff was there yesterday at 9 a.m. Apologies to Jeff.

More in line with your expectations, nc?

Exactly mtb! You hardly look like a lawyer at all in real life!

She meant to say you look so natural Meanie. Great pics guys. RBRs really need some Spandex if they want to make it big.

I'm usually a bit more animated, but it was a rather relaxed evening.


Where did the insert-the-squirrel app go?

Older Than Him

The above link is to Kathi Goldmark's song. It's a classic!!!

Get some rest. You're done now, right?

That's the first time I've heard that song, Siouxie. Thanks for the link. It's great. I wrote a similar song about lost love called; "I'm sitting here eating ice cream and washing it down with beer" It's a real tear jerker. Sam is wonderful on the harmonica. Maybe next year they'll come to the Carolinas. I would also like to say I hope that all the bloggers or readers of the blog in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama are okay and not hurt by the storms. Keep good thoughts for us here in North Carolina as they are just now starting up for us.

When they threw us out we had just enough time to make the express bus (or wait another hour for the next one). Had I But Known Dave would be back (I suspected) we'd have stayed.

Yes, appaearances are deceiving, cindy. Or should I say, we're normal most of the time.

And yes, Sam was extremely nice and did admit to knowing you!

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