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April 22, 2010


The Remainders are on tour.


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Dave's in a band? Does he know any chords?

How does Lucy react when he practices?

Hard Listening Music. If Lucy reacts like my dog does when I play the piano, she leaves the room. I love that their groupies band on the inside of the door to get out.

Hey Dave -- why don't you blog about the guy who tried to revive a dead 'possum with mouth-to-mouth?

HEY!! I sent this in, like..yesterday.

Lucy holds the guitar while Dave runs up to kick it.

wow! i hadnt heard.

o God, dave barry, you're awesom....

is that ring just a thing?

That's NPR for ya' -- leaving the really important parts out of the story, to be "followed up on in a few weeks".

Rubbish. Like any/every PBS station, they will sit on the video (likely HD) until their (not there) annual begging pledge drive. Why do we even support these people? Oh, yeah, that's right -- most of us don't. Including myself.

(Today's word, boys and girls, is "ambiguity". Say it with me...)

not certain what you mean WD..

Ive never mad e adecision in my life

not, couldn't if my life depended on it

PS. I never want to wear depends!@

Friend of yours WriterDude ^? I loved the video on the Remainders Blogdown where Mitch Albom is doing Elvis. He is very good. Cute too. I do think, from looking at today's rehearsal videos, that they're all looking a little tired. I guess it's because they're not getting to bed until midnight or so.

You guys need to check back to newly posted "behind the scenes" video clips from Remainders tour. LOL I just 'bout snorked my drink outta my nose when Dave asked(some guy I have no clue as to who he is) how the Remainders compared to Beethoven.

Roy: "He was deaf..which meant he pretty much have enjoyed our concert"

Siouxie, I looked at all of the interviews and they are hilarious. I liked Dave's moves with the camera. Sort of like a rock and roll version of the Blair Witch Project. Especially in the elevator. After my Dramamine kicked in I watched Mitch Albom's Elvis impersonation and it is spot on. Great job and I'm sure if Elvis sees it he will appreciate it.

*Wonders if/how judi sings, and what/how much beverage would need to be involved*

Meanie, you didn't hear this from me butt...I happen to know it doesn't take too much beer to get her to dance the electric slide.

cindy, I got a bit dizzy whilst watching those too but they are a lot of fun.

Dang - still no performances within range of ATL.

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