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April 26, 2010


You may have your crabgrass, and your dandelions. But do you routinely have to clear away palm fronds much larger than Shaquille O'Neal?



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Imagine the coconuts on that thang!! I had a much smaller one to clear after the "storm of the century..so far"

Hmmmm.. symbolism here??

That indeed is a large Frond, Dave...

That sure looks like the crabgrass I remember in Florida.

The dandelions in my yard drive me crazy enough. No palm fronds here in the Piedmont area of North Carolina thank goodness.

I thought it was hair would grow on your palms if you played with your fronds too much.

Palms on the ground!
Palms on the ground!
Lookin' like a fool witcher
Palms on the Ground!

Traveler Palm strikes again!

*snork @ trustf8*

With fronds like these...

"Dr. Strangeleaf, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Palm"

Even with trees, size does matter.

That picture puts the crap in crapcam.

Dave....in the garden of Eden there was a nude woman, who handed the coconut to the man carrying the big palms...she wanted to trade it for the apple. You are carrying on a noble tradition.

Sorry, I just could not let the number ll stand alone.

I assume there is a family of huge Florida lizards snuggled away in Dave's frond. Which is why he has that expression and is signaling for help...

Those are some fronds!

Seriously, does he own any shirts that aren't blue?

With fronds like that, who needs enemies?

Those palms look awful hairy, Dave...

But seriously, with fronds like these!

I got yer palm fronds hangin'...coconuts and all

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