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April 19, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Last week Jack and Renee finally had sex, and it was a truly romantic and beautiful thing, except for the sniper. A lesson that we all, as Americans, should take away from this tragic episode is: close the blinds.

So now Renee has gone to that Big Wrap Party in the Sky, and Jack is really ticked off at the Russians. President Woman President is also unhappy with the Russians, because they're trying to sabotage the All Important Peace Procezzzzzz

Sorry! We tend to nod off whenever we think about the A.I.P.P. We wish everybody would just shut up about it so we can get on with the part where Jack works through his grief by shooting or stabbing or barehandedly removing the larynxes of as many Russians as humanly possible.

In other developments, Chloe is now in charge of CTU. We think this is great. We wish Chloe were in charge of the whole federal government and routinely tasered it in the butt.

Edgar is still dead.

Tragically, I will not be able to join you tonight, as I am on the road with the World Famous In Some Circles Rock Bottom Remainders, as we prepare for our big international tour of four U.S. cities. We'll be raising money for good causes, so if you can make it to one of the shows, please do. We promise that there will be great music, by which we mean alcohol.

Speaking of great, The Amazing Steve will be discussing the plot in the comments section following tonight's show. Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll.

Are you sad that Renee got sniped?
Yes, because Renee was hot AND psychotic.
No, because now Jack is motivated to engage in acts of mass carnage.
I was hoping that the sniper would be a really bad shot and hit Audrey.
The Yankees SUCK.
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Jacks about to slap her

Madame President's more desperate for peace-at-any-price than Neville Chamberlain. Or Obama, for that matter...

Jack is going rogue. Thats a twist.

And I want a drink.

Jack's yelling at the President and the Secret Service Guys are just standing around outside the door?

Jack Bauer going rogue in 3...2...1...

Jack Bauer for President!

I'll give you peace...a piece of my fist!

Well that was easy. Season over?

Peace at any price?

Is your name ALison Walker or Neville Chamberlain?

Jack is going to go rogue again...

Had Madame President never heard of Jack GOING ROGUE????

"Do you understand?"

No, I don't understand. The plot is making even less sense than usual. And that's saying something.

OK..so Jack goes rogue for like the 3028th time...

oh hum...

She's going to (try to) kill Jack and go with Logan?

She really IS a moron.

I feel for the guys escorting Jack to the base. I hope their wills are in order.

Real peace treaties with Russians are useless, so how useless is a 24 peace treaty?

Oh, yeah. Jack understands. He gets it.

Jack will share it with them soon.

You know what I just noticed, on a very real/serious note, Jack looks like he's wearing the same shirt he wore in season 1...

Gah! Who writes this dreck?

Another damn politician.

Oh Madame President. You really ARE sorry. Sorry and pathetic.

Wes, maybe they need to speak in an accent.

"Nothing happened." Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The nihilists have won.

*Snorks* at tropic.

You know, I really miss that Season One Jack. You know, the "I'll stuff a wet dishtowel down your throat and rip your lungs out" Jack.

I'd go rogue too if someone tried to ship me off to McGuire, AFB. Why are they flying him there? It's in New Jersey which should only be about a 10 min. ride for them.

Did I really just see a sandwich with cheese and bacon between two pieces of fried chicken?

Wes - GMTA

Good one.

So now Logan has blackmail power over her too, as well as the Russians.

He's dead too.

Trop, you remember what Jack wore in Day One?!

Neville Chamberlain...same shirt as in season 1...I love these observations. LOL

Greg, it's the new cardiac special at KFC.

I am so bored. Madame President killed the Bauer Power.

Yes Greg, you did. KFC gets it.

Gennita, I have followed this show since it premiered. The shirt he wore in Season 1 appears here (I believe):

Anyway, I think it's a small nod in the direction of season 1, yes. :) Especially as the show is ending.

Blackhawk down and Jack's on the loose.

Apparently, the writers of 24 decided to make the show a bit more tame in response to criticism. Thus, we go from crazy!Jack to cellphone!Jack.

Chloe "I guessed" the President's order? Hee.

Being ignored and escorted out of CTU drives Jack over the edge. He will hijack the chopper and kill
Madame President and busts Dana outta CTU to "interogate" her further...

at least I wish...

President Woman President is a politician. Why are we surprised? Politicians are politicians are politicians....

Pull a gun on the pres Chloe. You can do it.

Did she just say CTU and airtight security in the same sentence?

"He didn't seem very happy about that."

Chloe is master of understatement.

What makes you think they're unfounded accusations, hosebag?

SHe wants CTU to make sure security is airtight?



Chloe guessed the PWP is lying through her teeth.

The question is whether CHLOE will go rogue now...

The pleasure was all Madame Handbag's.

Gotta go, I'll check in later for the recap.

Cole wants an immunity deal for Dana now?

Trop, the fact that you have a LINK to Jack's shirt in Season One is...mindboggling.

And has Madame Prez never heard of Chloe GOING ROGUE????

Chloe will help Jack go rogue.

"Chloe - what the hell's going on?"

Like she knows?

So how many guys is jack giing to kill during his escape?

What happened to Mr. President Woman President? I don't remember.

Uh oh. Jack has the Jack Sack!

Madame President Hosebag? Excellent, Jeff! She's gotta run.

He's in his rebel outfit.

Run Jack!!!!

Jack's being "debriefed" WOoohooo!!!

Jack's gonna hit a home run!


I don't think Jack is going to McGuire to be debriefed, do you?

The reason to be sorry is just about now.

Jack was just checking out how many guys he has to take out.


Jack is a helicopter pilot too? Of course!

I knew it! Chloe will help.

Jack. Freakin. Bauer.

What the hell is going on? You must be new this season.

Jack can fly a helicopter?

Are they nuts? You know that Jack can take out an F16 with a copter...

Is there anything Jack can't do?

NEVER EVER let Chloe go outside again PLEASE.

So we again only get about five minutes of action in the hour. Maybe next week will be better.

Jack ESCAPED ! Who could've seen that coming ?

Damn, that's the most bloodless Jack Roguing evah. Bored now.

Jack knows how to fly a helicopter?!? My gawd the man is multi-talented.

I'm just going to come right out and say it, 24 may not be based in reality.

Chloe has to play good for a bit. Otherwise she'd yell, "Jack, get your Sack™ back here and take me with you!"

Have I mentioned that I LOVE that Chloe is in charge of CTU???

Twoina, Madame President locked up her sleazeball daughter so he divorced her.

Gennita, oh, I got more than that! Lookee here!

Well, one of my three things came true...

Bauer goes Rogue!!!


Last week had more action. This week was too much, blah,blah,blah with the dirtbag,Logan. Maybe next week will be better.

Chloe Vs Jack next week!

So...the most action/blood we got today was a little Dana smacking?? sheesh...

Chloe covered her ass AND let Jack get away. The woman can do anything!

Yet another week with a weak weak plot. The rods are gone, what is really left?

There are only six hours left...and Jack aims to misbehave.

Just kill 'em all Jack and let God sort 'em out.

"No one wants this to get ugly."

"It's already ugly."

That's the first honest thing Madame President said today.

A battle of wits between Jack and Chloe next week would be AWESOME. So, no way that's happening.

What?!?!? Homeybeef, you mean the TV isn't real? :D

(Yeah, I'm joking. Just in case my type can't convey that.)

Okay, someone's nice arms is blinding me on Castle.

Good luck Amazing Steve. I know you'll work your magic as always with this mess.

OMG, Tropic, MOTIVATIONAL JACK POSTERS? There goes my free time....


Castle plays Holdem. My hero. I'd play with him.

Gennita, yep. Made those a couple seasons ago, when the plot was less realistic and I was more motivated to keep it real... 8)

The Dialogue is ugly.

Andy, I love your motivational posters.


Maybe we need to send the writers some Motivational Posters. Or threaten to waterboard them.

BTW, the 'Hobbits' one...I had it autographed by Sean Astin a couple years ago. He looked at it and said "I'm not quite sure how to take this!". He then said "This demands something witty!" and signed it "Andy, just taking one for the team...the other guy went across the sea! Sean Astin"

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