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April 19, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Last week Jack and Renee finally had sex, and it was a truly romantic and beautiful thing, except for the sniper. A lesson that we all, as Americans, should take away from this tragic episode is: close the blinds.

So now Renee has gone to that Big Wrap Party in the Sky, and Jack is really ticked off at the Russians. President Woman President is also unhappy with the Russians, because they're trying to sabotage the All Important Peace Procezzzzzz

Sorry! We tend to nod off whenever we think about the A.I.P.P. We wish everybody would just shut up about it so we can get on with the part where Jack works through his grief by shooting or stabbing or barehandedly removing the larynxes of as many Russians as humanly possible.

In other developments, Chloe is now in charge of CTU. We think this is great. We wish Chloe were in charge of the whole federal government and routinely tasered it in the butt.

Edgar is still dead.

Tragically, I will not be able to join you tonight, as I am on the road with the World Famous In Some Circles Rock Bottom Remainders, as we prepare for our big international tour of four U.S. cities. We'll be raising money for good causes, so if you can make it to one of the shows, please do. We promise that there will be great music, by which we mean alcohol.

Speaking of great, The Amazing Steve will be discussing the plot in the comments section following tonight's show. Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll.

Are you sad that Renee got sniped?
Yes, because Renee was hot AND psychotic.
No, because now Jack is motivated to engage in acts of mass carnage.
I was hoping that the sniper would be a really bad shot and hit Audrey.
The Yankees SUCK.
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Prediction: Jack will start World War III and as the flames engulf him, he will reach Nirvana.

Hosebag: "It's already ugly."

Handbag: "Your mom is ugly. For not raising you right.
But, then, so's mine, 'cuz you're turning into Mini-Me."

Funniest line of the night from Castle,

when Fred says

"hey youse watch your mouth! I ain't one of dose!"

Sorry, but I ZZZZ a little during tonights breath-taking episode of 24....

Jeez- I want that hour of my life back. If it weren't for you guys I don't think I could make it through this season.

Tropic: that Sean Astin story was great. Glad at least one Hollywood star has a good sense of humor.

For a change I am posting this right after the show and before I read Dave's brilliant opening or any of the comments. I just wanted to say that Madam President is a weasal. She may feel she is motivated for the good, but there is a bigger picture. Tell the truth, let the peace agreement fail and let Hasan's widow learn what has been done by the Russians. It will so inflame the Muslim world that they will unite and consider us the friend, Russia the "great Satan". The Muslim world may hate Israel, but they don't believe Israel can take over the Middle East. Russia has that capability and we will be the only hope they have. Bad choice Madam President.

I miss President Allstate. If ONLY he would come back to pardon Jack ...

Whoa. Fred is a mentat. I see his reasoning, it is pure. Thufir Hawat would be proud.

And Jack is obviously the Cuisinart Hatrack Kwisatz Haderach. Spicy melange you got there!

Fred is no mentat. There is no religio-philoso-quote! He is a ghola.

Just wait until Jack Bauer'Dib's eyes start glowing. That's when he'll start really using his old noodle. Ride on, Edgar!

This is a picture of the team at McGuire AFB, waiting to debrief Jack.

I'm impressed dwvowels and Gennita. I had to Wikipedia Thufir Hawat. I bet you guys didn't. Whoa!

cindy, if that's in Miami, I was there. Great team!

My final comment of the night:

In honor of the moles who sing....

Jack must overthrow House Handbaggen/Hosebaggen!

Siouxie, a great team but I'm not sure they would jump at the chance to debrief Jack Bauer.

Probably House Greggen, too.

I began watching 24 in earnest at the beginning of season 5. When the clock would run out at the end of the show, I'd cry, "No, it can't be over already!" This season, it seems like the one-hour show is two hours long. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

I think the producers were right to cancel the show. They have run out of fresh ideas and recycling of the old ones is getting tedious.

I'll watch to the bitter end, but my heart just isn't in it anymore.

The team kinda looks like Dana did just after Jack introduced her face to Mr. Table. They're still grinning, too. Hmmm.

Dana didn't even bleed! Those CTU people are tough.

So disappointed in Madame President. Soon, Jack will help her see her terrible error in judgment. I can't wait to see the confrontation with Jack and Handbag.

Oh, I cheated some, LeDud. Since Kyle MacLachlan was in Dune and Twin Peaks, and Leland Palmer went from Laura's dad to Vice President to President Wayne (a name for which I have some affection) Palmer, who pardoned President Handbag of The Harkonnen, and there may have been a log lady and there were certainly various ramparts in Twin Peaks, Dune, and 24, ..., well it sometimes runs together. Probably due to the folding of space.

I'm probably the ghola of a Dunkin' Donuts in Idaho, m'self.

I got a hoot. In the 80s Prez Allstate was a crewman on the Searcher on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Crops up occasionally in his little space sailor's suit.

BTW, the last Brian Herbert Dune prequel I read was horrendous. I wish publishers could just let some franchises lie.

Hey Amazing Steve...you okay?

24 didn't put you into a coma with all the high tension and nonstop (ZZZZZ) action, did it?

Just checking, my friend...

Almost done! Hang in there!

Jack may have to apply a circular rubbing motion hitherto unknown in these ramparts to President Wooden Handbagonnen, but I think that President Woman Hosebagonnen will do herself in. Jack can play the Milk Chan role for her. Caution: Bizarro and uses an impolite word.

Behind The Times!

Okay. the guy that said BAUER-DIB won my heart for the night. I LOL'ed a good one at that.

And yes, I IS A Dune-Fan (and not the prequels). I heart Duncan Idaho and all his gholas like a fat kid loves cake. And I can't wait for Bauer-Dib to turn into a giant slug.

woah, dances. That's like 6 degrees of god knows what?

Loved Twin Peaks!

Previously on "24", we found out that: They choose new temporary directors of CTU by seniority (but we're still happy Chloe is now in charge); They choose new presidents of fictional countries by marriage; They choose new plot lines by recycling old presidents; The sniper who killed Renee better be choosing his coffin, because Jack is going to be doing some recycling of his own.

The following takes place between 9 am to 10 am:

9:00 am – Jack tries to use his powers of staring to bring Renee back to life, but it isn't working. A nurse comes in to take Renee's body away, and I have to say it is the best acting Renee has done all season.

Jack wanders down the hallway and another nurse gives him some new clothes, with less blood on them, to put on. His phone rings. It's Chloe.

Jack insists on finding the person who killed Renee. Chloe doesn't know who did it, but does know the Russian mafia is involved. She's reluctant to give Jack any information since she's now in charge of CTU. She's also pretty sure that Jack is completely capable of taking out the entire Russian Mafia with a shoelace and a butter knife, so she declines to tell him where he can get more information.

Jack knows they still have Bazhaev in custody, and he promises not to interfere with the overall CTU investigation. In Jack Talk that translates to: "I'll only kill him a little bit if he doesn't give me the information I want." Chloe, who has known Jack for eons, believes this for some reason, and tells him where Bazhaev is currently being held – he's in federal court downtown.

9:02 am – Ethan, who had a major heart attack a few hours ago, who was denied treatment by some White House staffers a few less hours ago, and who got out of surgery even fewer hours ago… shows up for work. This guy is the very definition of a workaholic. Mrs. President is shocked to see him.

Mrs. President tells Ethan that she decided to send ex-President Logan over to the Russian embassy to pick up some of those cool nesting dolls, and to negotiate a peace treaty while he was there. Ethan asks how Logan intends to do this, and like everyone else on the show, Mrs. President is completely stumped. She has no idea, and assumed that he was going to try to win them over by offering them a bunch of blue jeans and iPads. Ethan thinks this is pretty suspicious.

9:04 am – President Logan shows up at the Russian embassy outdoor buffet, and orders an espresso from one of the KGB agents. Novakovich tries to explain how sorry he is about Hasan's death, but Logan isn't buying it. It could be the huge smile on Novakovich's face while he says it. He goes on to explain that he doesn't think Hasan's wife can do a thing to help the peace process, since there was so much opposition.

Logan points out that the people that killed Hasan weren't exactly brain surgeons, even if they did speak ominously and slowly, like they really knew what they were doing. They are, after all, all dead. They're not much of a threat now, unless someone puts them into a cannon and starts firing them at buildings. He's convinced that they had help. Logan says he knows Novakovich was in on the whole thing. Logan tells him Mrs. President doesn't know a thing about this, because he wanted to be sure Novakovich heard about it first. He threatens to tell Mrs. President everything. This pretty much shows why Logan was a terrible fake TV president in the first place… he gets everything backwards. Later on in the show we can fully expect to see him leave the United Nations before he gets there.

9:11 am – Jack arrives downtown, which fortunately was less than ten minutes away in the typical non-existent New York rush hour traffic. He listens while a lawyer tries to point out that while "technically" Bazhaev's grandson doesn't have a father because Bazhaev shot him dead yesterday, it was only because the nuclear radiation that the father had been exposed to would hurt the baby – and that Bazhaev should be commended for that. The judge points out that trafficking in nuclear material might be the run of the mill sort of crime in New Jersey, but they're in New York so he's going to deny bail. Bazhaev see Jack and whispers to his lawyer that he wants to talk to Jack. Oh, and that he now needs a change of underwear. The judge calls a recess of thirty minutes.

9:13 am – Bazhaev tries to threaten Jack with bodily harm if Jack tries to hurt any of Bazhaev's family, but that's like trying to threaten congress with accountability. Jack points out that Bazhaev is in the wrong chair for trying to make threats like that. Bazhaev tries to switch chairs so he can make the threat again, but Jack interrupts. He tells Bazhaev that Renee was shot dead, and that while technically she wasn't related to him in any way, he considered her part of his family. Not really in the Pointer Sister "We are Family" sense, but more like the Captain and Tennille "Muskrat Love" sense. Jack goes on to tell him that he'll have no problem taking each and every one of Bazhaev's family out. Bazhaev is relieved…until he realizes Jack means that he'll kill them, not take them on a date. Jack believes that the sniper was part of an organization named "Red Square".

Bazhaev won't talk, so Jack gets up to leave, telling him that his family will make a nice set of coats. Bazhaev says "Oh, THAT Red Square", but is still worried that someone else will want to make a set of coats out of his family. Jack tells him that in the witness protection program, which is run a lot better than the people that were watching over Hasan, his family will be safe.

Bazhaev tells Jack that Moscow did it. While Jack ponders how a city would be able to carry out such a complex plan, Bazhaev goes on to explain that he meant that people in the government did it. Jack finds this a little hard to believe since nothing any government does is very organized, plus even he would have a hard time trying to kill 100,000 people from Moscow just to avenge Renee. Bazhaev tells Jack that Dana knows who set the whole thing up.


9:19 am – Logan is headed back in his limo when he gets a phone call from Mrs. President. She tells him that the Russian foreign minster called, and he's going to come over to sign the papers in about five hours, which is just about when the season is going to end. Logan pumps his fist in the air, hitting the roof of the limo and hurting his hand, but he retains his composure.

Ethan asks how Logan did it. Logan says, "I told them that peace was in all of our interests", which even Ethan finds hilarious. Ethan asks again, but Logan insists, "That's for me to know, and you to find out. Nayh, Nayh." Logan says it's a victory, and they should all leave it at that.

9:20 am – Jack is back on the phone with Chloe while walking down the street. He tells her that Bazhaev's family is going to need witness protection, preferably in a nice place like Steve Martin had when he was part of the mafia. He goes on to explain that Russia was behind the whole thing and they used the terrorists to do it. If they had only been more astute and realized that an organization with such stupid initials could have never pulled something like this off, the day might have gone quite differently. Jack tells Chloe he's coming in to talk to Dana about all this, since she was the Russian's inside person.

9:21 am – Chloe finds Cole and after briefly discussing how closely their names resemble each other, she tells him Jack is coming in to "talk" to Renee. Chloe is worried that because of the way Jack expresses himself, Dana might not – well – live through the whole thing. She tells Cole that Jack respects him, and that he should be there when Jack "talks" to Dana. Arlo overhears this.

9:22 am – Logan arrives back at the U.N. His assistant receives a phone call. Logan gets out of the car, and when one of the Secret Service agents doesn't genuflect in front of him, he wants the agent fired. The assistant, who still looks like Jacob from LOST, tells Logan that his contact tells him they have a big problem: Jack Bauer. If I were to guess right now, I'd say that Arlo is ALSO a mole, and passed this information along. That's a lot of moles in CTU. They should do something about that.

Anyway, Logan's assistant is remarkably well informed about what's going on because he also knows that Jack is going to CTU to talk to Dana, and was asking Bazhaev about who killed Renee. They have to stop Jack Bauer.

Logan tells his assistant that Jack tried to use torpedoes on his presidency, and if it had been a ship, it would have been sunk. Right now Logan thinks his best move is to ring for an elevator, which he does, successfully.

9:24 am – At CTU, Chloe meets Jack. Chloe tells him that she didn't tell Dana about Jack coming in to "talk" to her, because she didn't want to give her a heads up. I think she should be more worried about Dana getting a "heads off". Jack points out that they shouldn't be worried about him killing Dana, because if he wanted her dead, she would already be dead. Jack is just that good.

Dana, on the other hand, has no idea what's going on because she's been staring straight ahead at the camera since we last saw her. Jack enters the holding cell.

Dana asks Jack one of the stupidest questions this season: "What do you want?" He tells her that Renee is dead, and by "dead", he means "dead dead", not "my career came on this show to die" dead.

She tells him that she's sorry Renee is "dead dead". That doesn’t go over as well as she probably hoped because Jack proceeds to try and make an impression of her face into the table. When that doesn't work, he slaps her a couple of times. She tells him that she's got an audio file and some film that she's hidden away in the Apple iTunes store, and without the right keyword search there's no way he'll ever find them. She wants her immunity deal back. Jack whispers in her ear that he'll hunt her down and kill her, no matter which network she tries to hide in after all this is over, so she better tell him the truth.


9:32 am – Mrs. President tells Dahlia that the U.N. delegates will recognize her. Dahlia wasn't sure why they wouldn't, since she's met a lot of them before. Mrs. President explains that she mean they would recognize her as the representative of Fictional Country. She thinks that's a pretty cool trick, because Fictional Country itself won't vote to recognize her signatory authority for another hour or so. Ethan interrupts and asks for a word. She says, "Weasel". That happens to be the code word for ex-President Logan, who wants to see Mrs. President.

9:33 am – Logan watches a fake news broadcast about everything that's happening in Dahlia's fake country. When Mrs. President arrives with Ethan, Logan tells them that he thinks Jack is completely out of control. Jack's been able to interrogate two different people way across town in the same time it's taken Logan to have breakfast potatoes with the Russians and get back to the U.N. He tells them that Jack appears to be a wee bit upset about Renee dying. Ethan announces he loves the Wii, particularly the bowling game.

Mrs. President, who hadn't heard about Renee's death, seems a bit surprised they let Renee leave the show before the end of the season. She's very upset, since she should have been able to get the same deal.

He insists on wanting to stop Jack, but Mrs. President refuses to do it without a very good reason. Logan, who's been able to lie through his teeth and can make anything sound convincing, does the unthinkable: he tells her the truth. He tells her that the Russian government has been behind the whole thing, and not a group of writers that were unable to come up with a better plot.

Mrs. President is really, really upset. Logan insists that if Jack talks to Dana, the whole peace process will end, because the Russians will have been exposed. So to speak.

Ethan doesn't think that Mrs. President will go along with this, just for the peace deal, but Logan is pretty insistent that she will since she won't want to throw away a peace deal. Logan wants to be sure that Dahlia doesn't find out about what the Russians did. Logan goes on and on about how much better the world will be. Ethan throws in a few words with his opinion about what Logan is saying, and he doesn't like it one little bit.

While this is going on, Mrs. President doesn't say very much, but gives a lot of meaningful glances. What they mean, nobody is really sure, but they sure look full of something. It could be indigestion though.

An assistant comes into the room to let Mrs. President know that Jack wants to talk about an immunity deal for Dana. She says she'll call him back. Ethan tells her she really doesn't have a choice about what to do. She tells him that she does have a choice, and only she can make it.

And, in typical "24" style, instead of picking "A" – what Logan wants, and "B" – what Ethan wants, she picks "Monkey" – She's going to CTU to see Jack Bauer.


9:43 am – Chloe tells Jack that Mrs. President hasn't called back. Arlo runs into the room to say that Mrs. President is on the phone, and wants to talk to Chloe. Chloe answers, only to have Mrs. President say that she'll be there in a few minutes. And to make sure that Jack doesn't leave. It is unclear why she needed to make the phone call, stay on hold, and give Chloe 10 seconds worth of instructions. It's probably a game that presidents play with new CTU directors, just to make them feel special.

Jack and Chloe can't figure out why Mrs. President is coming to CTU. Meanwhile, Dana continues to stare at the interrogation room camera trying to melt it with her non-existent x-ray vision.

9:45 am – Mrs. President arrives already, again proving that traffic in New York doesn't exist. Mrs. President arrives in the main area of CTU, and appears perplexed why everyone would be standing up while trying to use their computers. She tells them that, despite them letting Hasan down, she's pretty sure they're not going to let HER down, since she's their president, and not some foreign president.

From the looks on their faces, nobody at CTU quite has the guts to ask who the lady was that just gave that speech.

9:46 am – She goes up to Hastings office, where she meets with Jack. She tells him that she needs him to "stand down". Jack says he's confused, since he's already sitting down. Mrs. President tells him that she's not going to sign any immunity deal for Dana, because the whole thing would jeopardize the peace process. Jack points out that it's been more like Wheel of Fortune, since the Russians, who she's insisting are very important to the peace process have been repeatedly hitting Bankrupt and have STILL been trying to buy a vowel. Mrs. President asks him to quit making game show references, and to look at it from her point of view. The peace process is almost signed, and it'll just be Jim Dandy if it is. Jack says he can prove they did it, and then realizes that she doesn't want to know the truth about the Russians. Jack tells her that he wants Justice, and she tells him that she wants peace. She tells Jack that she wants him "debriefed" at Mcguire Air Force base, which is not going to be as interesting as it sounds. She has two guards escort him out of CTU.

While they're leaving, Chloe asks Jack want happened. He tells her, "It's just like the rest of the hour: nothing happened."


9:55 am – Chloe goes up to talk to Mrs. President. Mrs. President tells her to lock down Dana, and to have no one talk to her without her express permission. Chloe points out that Dana has a lot of information. Mrs. President points out that Dana is a psychopath, which Chloe really can't argue about, since it is… well… true. She tells Chloe that security has to be air tight for the announcement that Dahlia will be the new Fictional Country president – not Tupperware air tight – just security air tight.

9:56 am – Chloe tells Cole that nothing is happening with Dana, and that they have to set up a security detail for the U.N.

Mrs. President leaves via the very same tunnel where the EMP bomb went off a few hours ago. The CTU janitors have already cleaned up all the car and people parts from the bomb area, and the blood and guts from Dana's attempted escape, so Mrs. President doesn't slip in anything unfortunate.

9:57 am – Arlo tries to find out what's happening with Jack, but Chloe won't tell him. A helicopter lands on CTU take Jack away. Jack walks to the helicopter, and of course, pulls the escort's gun on the guy escorting him. Chloe realizes what's happening and tries to stop Jack. She gets on the radio and tells him that she's going to have to try and get the Air Force to stop him. Jack just flies away. This time using the helicopter.

10:00 am – Time's up!


Personal note: Welcome to all the Erma Bombeck Writer's Workshop attendees that read this! I enjoyed meeting Theresa Lode, Dave Fox, Danny Gallagher, and Matthew Dewald everyone else! Great workshop!


What is this 'Dune' you speak of? Amazing Steve do you need any medical help for your flying fingers? If you have not done so, please read Mitch Albom's newest book 'Have A Little Faith'. It is a wonderful book. I am re-reading it now. My Dad got 3 copies of this book for Christmas in fact. I'm really not into Sci-Fi. which is what Dune sounds like. If I ever get to see the RBR's I'm going to bring my favorite book, 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven' for Mr. Albom to hopefully sign.

Welcome back, ladies! The Bauer'Dib was mine. :-) I was Duning ever since LeDud brought up the connection. Is Jack's middle name Atreides?

As always, amazing Steve.
They're not much of a threat now, unless someone puts them into a cannon and starts firing them at buildings.

This had me literally LOL. Don't give the 24 writers any ideas. I'm also absolutely amazed at how quickly everyone on 24 heals!
btw,I would love to know about the Erma Bombeck writers workshop. I was and still am a huge fan of hers and my heart broke when she died.


It was held this past weekend at the University of Dayton. About 350 (or so) people attended. They have workshops on a variety of topics and many well known guest speakers (Dave spoke there a few years ago). It's held every two years. As far as I know, it's the only humor writer's workshop in the country. If you're interested in it, it is well worth attending.

Amazing Steve, I'll read your recap tomorrow. Tired from working tonight. Missed you all.

Madame President, I can't believe you did the 'needs of the many outweighs the needs or the one' speech.

So Jack's in blue for his blue mood.

Dana got off easy with the slaps.

Twin Peaks was awesome until everyone started dying. David Duchovny was a riot on there.

Tried to type this earlier via my phone except Typepad hated it.

So the cop has to channel his wrath, rhage and phury and act with vishousness so he can go with his zsadist tendencies to get those lesser than he.

If Jed McNeil was CTU director, none of this crap would have happened.

Steve!! Amazing job, as always!!!!! How you can make something out of -nothing is truly a gift!!!

Dropping by to say goodnight to all and tell Amazing Steve thank you for his service (will reread closer tomorrow morning).

Cassie, if CTU were Center, Dana would have been in Number Eight's tender cares by now :D. And thank you for mentioning Jed, who is not a happy camper right now. *evil smile

Thank you, everyone, for the entertainment. Oh, Cindy, Dune is a fantasy series. DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE. You've been warned.

Vowels, fun MuaBauerdibbing with ya!

Cassie, if CTU were Center, Dana would have been in Number Eight's tender cares by now :D. And thank you for mentioning Jed, who is not a happy camper right now. *evil smile

ROFL I can't wait for this book to come out.

FYI, the last part of my previous post is just an ode to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I had to occupy my mind while at work tonight. ;-)

You know how long it took me to realize that Ryan Chappelle was played by the same guy who plays Father Phil on The Sopranos and Eddie on Nurse Jackie?

Until now.

And whoever chose to cancel THE UNIT (President Allstate's last series) and leave 24 on the air (I know they're on different networks) was a moron. OK, replace 24 with CSI: Miami in that sentence.

The wife in CASTLE, by the way, was 'Tiffy' on THE UNIT.

Bazhaev tries to threaten Jack with bodily harm if Jack tries to hurt any of Bazhaev's family, but that's like trying to threaten congress with accountability.

Steve, you da man.

Oh, but "We Are Family" was Sister Sledge, not the Pointer Sisters.

While they're leaving, Chloe asks Jack want happened. He tells her, "It's just like the rest of the hour: nothing happened."

Not just the hour, Steve, the whole season.

Great job as always.

...Bazhaev still has family left?

Great job, Steve.

...I kept waiting for Jack to tell Madame President "No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace!..."

Whatever you could say about Madame President in the past (moron, dim bulb, whatever) you had to say she had some ethics. After all, she sent her own daughter to prison and basically lost her marriage to Do The Right Thing.

Now she ignores Ethan and tosses Jack over the side to take the word of a lying weasel who was willing to have his friend the Russian President and his wife blown up on American soil?

I'm with Wes:

*bangs head on desk, repeatedly*

Steve, there is so much storytelling rolling stock running off the rails here that I can only salute your one word summation of the 24 writers' excretions:



Yikes!!! I went from a computer professor type to a dead guy made up of body parts in a few short comments! What a thing to be hit with early (for me) in the morning. Hey, I've read the Dune series too and just reviewed the last one for our local newspaper.

Knowing a little about NYC I have to agree that the Tardis must be in use to get around. And of course Jack is going rogue as we knew he would after the weasal president and ultra weasal ex president tried to shut him down. Chloe is great in her new position. She is bound to help Jack in the next, episode. They are trying to make Dana into a Blofeld-Lex Luthor-Dalek super villain!!! Wow! If only we had some super writers.


Having fired all the writers a few seasons back, during the writers' strike, the network went to using an old jury-rigged Commodore 64, also known both as the Wooden Dialogue Generator, and the Plot
Plotter. Well, high tech and the network are kinda opposites. They recruited "new righters" I mean "new
writers" from the local community colleges, mostly people who would work for free food and a small stipend ($1000 a month). [Compared to what the President and other top brass make, it's chicken feed.] Some of these went to work for FAUX NEWS and others assigned to 24.

They canceled Dollplace because the President of the network couldn't understand it...and left 24 on because he thought the clock countdowns were "cool".

Even though the writing was predictable, the show was funnier with Hastings "in charge". Giving daily
motivational speeches when he has no idea of what his job duties really are was funnier and scarier than any "villan" this season. (Ever hopeful we seek
to bring meaning to 24, which has none, and even which, according to Jack, "nothing happened."

I wonder if Hastings himself was a "mole", because
in the words of Desi Arnez, it "would 'splain alot!"

And kudos again the the Amazing Steve, who made sense of the senseless, plot outta plodding, and
tied many loose ends together! Thank you, Steve!

Very nice article and right to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thanks

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