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April 27, 2010


Sex and dancing.

(Also thanks to A. at D.)


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Brazil is known for its Carnalval.

Sounds like a good exercise regimen.

The horizontal tango?

In the United States, he would have been tarred and feathered before being kicked out of office.
Then, the politicians that did it would go home to their girlfriends.

Take two nymphs and call me in the morning.

We're sure this won't lead to earthquakes, right?

i need some personal health care for this..

*cancels current medical insurance*

*orders Spanish "Rosetta Stone" cd*

Psst...djtonyb...they speak Portugese in Brazil.

He has MY vote for Surgeon General of the US!

My doctor recently told me I have high blood pressure. Was he hitting on me?!!

Yes, Suzie. Now take a deep breath...

Yeah!! it is in interest of the common people. They are gonna reap the benefit of it in future.

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