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April 30, 2010


An embalmed person is mounted on his motorcycle.


(Thanks to Gregg Geill and Mr. Michael, who says: "What, no helmet?")


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Well, it's probably faster than our HANDBASKET to hell!

"The Rice-Rocket to Hell"

(I'm not really sure that's an asian bike - I'm a girl.)

The article says he was shot...probably for burning rubber in the living room.

So, I'm thinkin'....after the wake, how are they gonna get his body into a coffin??

So is this kind of "Motorpsycho"?

The suspension on that bike is a bit stiff.

Coconuts - they will flatten him with the motorcycle, then sell the video of it to pay for the funeral services.

Apparently Mr. Colon was following a 'Spikes Tactical' vehicle toooooo closely...

"snork" @ trustf8.

No wonder he died. Look at those teeny training wheels.

Mmmm mmm mmm. Don't he look natchrul.

No need to worry about unbending him into a coffin. According to his will, after the funeral they take him out to a highway, fire up the bike, touch a match to him, and pop the clutch.

With luck they'll set a new world record for the fastest scattering of ashes.

Man, if the cops see him without a helmet they're gonna pull his ass over! And then, if he isn't co-operative, they'll taser him, give him a nice beat down, and toss him in jail.

"Weekend At Bernie's III"

What cadaver go wrong?

If that doesn't qualify as performance art, I don't know what does.

I want to be mounted too.

Maybe even after I die.


...and vote in places like Chicago, Massachusetts, Minnesota, ....

Ouch - *snork* at Meanie.

Y'all heard about the first man to die of a Viagra overdose?

Open casket.

Driving while embalmed is more common than you might suspect.

Can't wait for Hugh Heffner's embalment now...

Mmmm mmm mmm. Don't he look natchrul.
Posted by: bonmot | April 30, 2010 at 09:41 AM

No fair! bonmot took the comment I was going to make. I wonder what they would do to an embalmed lawyer?


bonmot, I thought they would ask where the rest of them are.

Punkin - as a girl who owns and rides TWO rice burners, let me assure you that girls can so too tell the difference between American and Jap (no offense) bikes. Clue - ride laying down = Jap sport bike. Loud = American Harley. Sort of loud = the rest of us on our wanna-be non-Harley cruisers.
Bring your helmet and your passport to sunny southern Arizona and I'll take you for a ride and introduce you to all my hunky harley buddies.

The Cycle of Life.

Sandra Bullock likes this.

*snorks @ Bill*

Colon is his mother's maiden name. Morales is his sur name.

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