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April 27, 2010


Alien Crayfish

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Payback for the snakeheads.

I, for one, welcome our new crustacean overlords.

Yeah, well wait until they find the radioactive waste and grow to 1200 feet long. Then you'll need Godzilla, Mothra, celery, onions, green pepper and 500 tons of Justin Wilson's Creole seasoning.

*Ready to suck the head and pinch the tail*

Not now while the blog is watching, Siouxie...

Etouffé, Bruté?

mtb ftw...

No doubt extremist crawfish terrorists from Louisiana

If they don't have their documents, they'll be sent home.

Signal crayfish will certainly find itself on every sushi menu across the land. Positioned perhaps as a kind of environmental roll -- Yes, the "Gore Roll," signal crayfish, layered with nut encrusted turkey and wrapped in baloney.

'If they don't have their documents, they'll be sent home...'

Crustacial Profiling?

*Will refrain from *snickering* @ Fukushima*

^Almost as good as the Cubby's Fukudome...

Stevie Hawking says that we shouldn't try to communicate with them.

Well, they certainly couldn't go to Arizona.

Alien JAPANESE crayfish, no less. I assume they are at least 50 feet tall, shoot lasers out of their eyestalks, and like to practice martial arts against Power Rangers.

*snork* @ pad:

対面授業で国語力を身にGODZILLA!!!つける まずは1ヵ月の無

Well take them back if they'll take back Hello Kitty.

Don't forget Pokomon and Karaoke, CJ.

And snakeheads.

OT/ I have crapcam photos of Saturday's RBR show in Boston but don't know how to post them. Little help?

Layzee, do you have an online photo storage account (Flicker, Photobucket, Shutterfly...etc).

If you do, you can link it here.

Just what are they signaling?

examining a type of worm that parasitizes the signal crayfish

Thank you, Dubbya.

Make sure you attack the aliens, not the natives.

New Hampshire prohibits the import or possession of all non-indigenous crayfish (see Fis 803.04(b)(1)(d) and Fis 804.03(b)(1)(d) here.) However, I see many alien varieties sold in pet stores as "lobsters." We don't have to worry too much about the tropical varieties; until global warming gets worse, we have an almost foolproof defense against aliens. It's called "winter."

Don't count on it, Ralph. Article says they were found in (among other places) Hokkaido. Having lived there, I can assure it gets quite cold.

Dr. Zoidberg?

I thought all crayfish were alien!

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