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April 29, 2010


Police questioned her son, and he admitted he had put the antifreeze into the coffee maker as a practical joke.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Ummmm ..... how did the mother not know instant(har)ly?

Oddly enough, Letterman opened his Wednesday show by asking why there was an open bottle of bleach sitting next to the coffee maker in his dressing room.

And once on the highway the car smells of cappucino.

Those Lindehurst teens! Last year one of them put rat poison in a birthday cake, this year anti-freeze in a
coffee maker! What jokers!

And to think, all the kinds did in my high school was
drop a cherry bomb (lit) down a toilet, and a few jokers used a hand buzzer.

Are these the "children of the Corn"?

Meanie, ethylene glycol doesn't make you sick until the liver converts enough of it to oxalic acid. I'm not sure if it has a taste.

Letterman knows: long island... we've got it all...

Revenge of the Stith, trustf8?

Is he standing in front of an IQ chart?


Sounds like he has a cold heart so maybe a little antifreeze would help.
According to TruTV, antifreeze has been reformulated to make it taste bad.
Maybe it was Starbucks and she couldn't tell the difference.

One treatment for ethylene glycol poisoning is to get drunk on ethyl alcohol; see this article.

If you want to drink antifreeze with your coffee, get the propylene glycol variety ("RV antifreeze). It's safer, although not completely safe.

More on the chemical and medical differences here.

Aggravated battery is all you get for that ? Sheesh !

Alaskan coffee?

So did the car get the coffee?

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