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April 24, 2010


Whale poo could aid climate, say Aussie scientists

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Dave, great show last night. We were hoping you'd come out afterwards and sign some Yankee memorabilia souvenirs and pose for pictures.

I did not do that

Jeff, maybe it was the whale poo?

Jeff, maybe it was the whale poo?

Yes you did Jeff. Closed the club but not the tag? You can still get away before Judi wakes up if you run fast.

Krill or be krilled so to speak.

Typepoop is acting up to boot.

Sorry about that. It was too much drinking and the RBR's. who were terrific.

What do these Aussie scientists drink, exactly?

I blame Ejfjallajokull.

Don't drink the water. The whales uh, "emit" in it. And they probably pi$$ like really huge racehorses.
I like whales.
These backache medicines make me feel a lot better.

I think our scientists have been smoking whale poo.

Jeff's gonna be in trubble....



Ahab: Thar she blows!!

Ishmael: Um, sir .....

Now I know why they freed Willy.

Wow! Jeff is so in trouble with the s.b.!

OK, I really didn't need to know that whale excrement is a "reddish-brown" liquid.

I'll never be able to look at Jack Daniels the same way again.

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