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April 29, 2010


It can happen.


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Yikes! Good thing the bathroom was clean, huh??

Great house and very nice shrubbery. I know why Lucy has to climb up the tree house in order to bark. She can't SEE with all that tropicalness in the way.

Thing is, they'd just come by while selling subscriptions door-to-door.

I just saw this on the NYT site this morning and wondered when I'd missed the blog posting about it ...

Count your blessings, sir. It could have been the NY Post...

Head-Blessed Barry Has Sparkfest Bar(bie)

Pulitzer Storage: You get what looks like a diploma from a junior high school and $3,000. I lost mine. My wife found it in a box.
You lost three grand and didn't get worried about it? Must be nice to have that kind of cash.

Or were you talking about the cheap looking diploma?

kewl dave. you know, cspan has this book tv thing on weekends, and like once a month i think they have 'in depth' with one author, writer, historian, etc. we here on the blog should nominate you so that their cameras come to your house for HOURS.

This will be my new measure of fame once I sell a book. "Well, my toilet was in Times . . ."

Never trust those mainstream media journalists, Dave.

Shouldn't that have been in Architectural Digestion?

Math is STILL hard.

"I spent more time on the low-flow toilet than any columnist in America."

Perhaps a change in diet is in order?


Did that make you flush?

I Love Lucy <3

Judging by the size of the tank, that was the non-low-flow, right?

I'm about to have both of my bathrooms redone. Wish me luck.

I agree with Horace. More fiber should help. You do have a lovely,large home. I think the blog could all fit in it for a weekend or two.

snork @ meanie


That is, in fact, the non-low-flow toilet, a.k.a. The Eliminator.

^ And to totally remove that 'manly-smell, it's sold with a special air freshener spray, The Emasculator

Wow, I have toilet envy...

Thank goodness you weren't sitting on it, with your pants around your ankles.

Boy oh Boy, I'm glad I'm not YOUR gardener !

I'll take Lucy home with me, though.

I don't know whether "Lapsed Presbyterian" is an oxymoron or a redundancy, but I do think that "The Lapsed Presbyterians," or "The LP's" for short, wbagnfarb. Especially a band of the geezer variety. Maybe they could be "The Vinyl LP's." (c)

I want that toilet.

Q. Do you need to refrigerate ketchup and mustard after they have been opened? R. Gauthier, Massachusetts

A. We referred your question to Donna Scott, a Food Safety Specialist with the Department of Food Science at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in New York. She advises storing both condiments in the refrigerator after opening. Despite their acidic ingredients, neither condiment is sufficiently acidic to kill bacteria and microorganisms, including mold, that may be introduced to the containers after opening. Refrigeration does not kill bacteria and microorganisms either, but does slow the growth. Refrigerated, ketchup should keep for up to 6 months; mustard, 1 year.

......I will pray for the lhasa apso Presbyterian.

N.Y. Times motto: All the poos that fit.

We are the proud owners of five non-low flow toilets in our houses. I am holding onto them like gold. That's some good sh!t right there.
Has Dave been outside wearing sunglasses?

See Dave's shitty comments here and here.

Just like Dave's humor: it's all about the buildup.

We are the proud owners of five non-low flow toilets in our houses. I am holding onto them like gold. That's some good sh!t right there.
Posted by: Steve | April 29, 2010 at 07:33 PM

What's amazing about Steve's comment is he only has 1 bathroom in his house.

They're still searching for the ideal application for their editorial page. Bird cage bottom covering still wins hands down.

When I grow up I want to be successful enough to have my own old toilet that works.


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