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April 27, 2010


Driver gives fake name, but can't spell it, police say

(Thanks to trustf8)


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Is our crimnuls larnin'?

This is why it is important to be up on your Twain. Huck Finn made sure to take care of that. J-O-R-G-E J-A-X-S-O-N


The deputy noted in his report that he "detected deception" and went back to his car to pull up the name in his computer.

Barney Fife is on the case!

In the guvment, we used to refer to it as our "BS detector". Most people are terrible liars. The ones who are good are the most dangerous.

Is there any truth to the rumor she handed teh cop a note saying "I have a gub"?

My last name has 3 syllables and 11 letters. It is also not a common name in these parts. However, I have never not been able to spell it. In fact instead of saying it I usually just start spelling it for people.

dedicated to CorONica....
(apologie to laura brannigan)

Corica, you forgot the 'ON' now,
Actin' like you're somebody, you gotta know the name now!
When you spell you've got to slow down
before you start to blow it
You've gotta get your name down, so be careful that you know it...

You really don't remember, how to spell your name?
You're the one to blame!
'Cuz you're NOT Corica!
Don't you think you're failin'?
If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody callin'?
You don't even answer
'Cuz you're CorONica!!!

'CORICA!?!' I think they got your number!
I think they got the alias! that you've been living under
But you really don't remember,
Are the voices in your head calling, Corica???

Amazingly, both alcohol and Florida drivers licenses seem to be involved...

LOL trustf8!! good one!

What a moronica.


nursecindy, my last name has only two syllables but several silent letters and letters that sound like others. So I spell it "B (as in a boy) O (as in Sam) O (as in Sam) etc....

O as in Sam? whu nu?


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