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April 12, 2010


Gene Weingarten, an insane man who was once my editor and -- while remaining insane -- went on to become the best feature writer in American journalism, just won a Pulitzer Prize for this riveting, disturbing and thought-provoking story in The Washington Post Magazine. This is Gene's second Pulitzer. He will be insufferable. But my oosik is still bigger than his.

Gene's walrus


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But my oosik is still bigger than his.

And you got yours first.
The Prize, that is.

Will the Post give him benefits now that he has a second Pulitzer?

yay gene!

A wonderful article Mr.Weingarten. I wish I could finish it but it made me cry and it's hard to read when you are crying and your heart is breaking. I will finish it later but I did read down to where he was not convicted. I don't think it would have mattered. He is in his own prison, a private hell, that will take him a long time to be freed from. You deserved that Pulitzer. Congratulations. Dave? Next year will be your time.

Caption: "You can have my oosik when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers...!"

(with apologies to Charlton Heston)

I reread the first part of the article. I hate tears at work. I'm not sure that I'll get through the full article on the train.

I couldn't read that story.

Did Barney & Clyde win?

i couldnt read it either.... that's good writing for ya.

Congratulations, Gene!!! What's next?? A Knighthood?

Sir Gene has a nice ring to it...

It's nice that the Pulitzer Committee is recognizing the old guys in the soon to be gone print business.

This is like that Oscar they gave to John Wayne.

The article made me completely, entirely, absolutely forget that this post was a congratulatory one for Mr. Weingarten.

A stunning subject, written of so compassionately and so compellingly.

Congratulations, sir. Well-deserved, to say the very least.

Oosik, shmoosik!

Wow. That was a powerful article. Yes, I'm crying. I didn't expect the ending.

Just occured to me, based on the look in his eye, that "2001" might have been a little different if that was the bone that had been flung to the cosmos.

I forced myself to read the whole thing. I think the only thing that got me through it was the compassionate manner in which it was written. Very well done, Gene, you deserve it.

Oh, oh. There is some controversy about his second urine sample. It tested positive for beer.

Wow, congrats, Gene!

I guess this means he'll get maybe five or six more Twitter followers now.

Guys? Quit playing with your oosiks. Those aren't toys you know and you could put somebody's eye out with one of those things.

John Wayne deserved that Oscar (for True Grit) -- but The Shootist really deserved one even more, he did a hell of a job as the once powerful gunman now dying of cancer.

Incidentally on Wiki I read Wayne's comment on the election of JFK, "I didn't vote for him but he's my president, and I hope he does a good job." I wish the "birthers" and all the other nattering nay-sayers out there would extend President Obama the same courtesy...

Okay, I guess that's OT, isn't it? Sorry...

I'll be reading it later on tonight...after I open up the box-o-wine. Can't cry and do taxes. (not my own)

Caution: Buzz Kill

congrats GW!

yay for Gene

I read that article when it was published. My eyes leaked. A heartbreaking tragedy and Gene covered it well.

Well deserved Pulitzer, regardless of Oosik size.

I was going to ask a snarky question along the lines of "Is oosik another name for 'belly'?' Then, I read the article.
This has never happened to me or mine but I have had my grandson fall asleep in his car seat. He is awfully quiet when that happens...
My personal belief is that we lock up too many people in this country who meant no harm. Unless there is evidence of drug use, or some other contributing factor, I see this as a tragic...accident? No, I agree, we lack a word for this.
I do know that a responsible parent who has a lapse and then has a dead child is punishing him or herself more than a court ever could.
I can see sometime in the near future that cars might be equipped with internal motion sensors that activate two minutes after the ignition is turned off. Other than that, I have little to offer.

Yay Gene,
Now can either Dave or Gene write an article that will fix my broken heart? Gene's piece just devistated me.

I think that this is a bittersweet win. It is going to bring back the feelings that Gene experienced while writing the article, which were gut-wrenching. It will also bring a new flood of reports to him of back-over deaths, hyperthermia deaths, accidental drownings, etc. One good thing, Kids and Cars will get some well-deserved attention.

Yay for Gene and an excellent article that made me cry throughout. It must have been hard to interview these people and see their pain first hand.

On the other hand I imagine that Gene will be even more insufferable and want to have two oosiks too to match his two Pulitzers!

Unbelievable story. Well written and incredibly hard to get through. I wish Gene congrats on what must have been the toughest research he's ever done.

Outstanding writing.

I got through the article, but it was a challenge at times. Not for Gene's writing--superb to say the least--but the subject was hard to handle. My own son killed himself six weeks ago. It's not the same thing, but I still find myself asking if there's something I could have done. These people are in an even worse hell, as they each feel they know the answer to that question is Yes.

Bravo to Gene for this article. I can't even imagine how painful it was to write. It has changed my point of view. I don't think I was ever as cruel-thinking as some of the comment-posters he mentioned, but I can't say I was as sympathetic as I should have been, either.

Also, bravo to Lyn Balfour, who is going above and beyond her call of duty as a human being.

wow...Shadow. SO sorry for your incredible loss.

No words.

Yes, Shadow - heartfelt condolences and healing love to you and your family.

Shadow, I'm so sorry. As Siouxie said,there are no words.

Shadow - I can't imagine, nor do I want to. ((HUGS))

My heart hurts. Bad.

My very deepest condolences to you, Shadow, and to those around you. As Punkin says - unimaginable.

i thought gene was already insufferable... and a damn fine writer. congrats to the "little oosik"

So... unlike a Nobel, you actually have to DO something to win a Pulitzer ?

Sweet Jesus, that is one hellaciously fine piece of writing.

Thanks, Dave, for linking it.

Congratulations, Gene, and thank you for writing it.

ShadowKat...*silence of tears*

I pray for healing for you and your family. My deepest sympathies on your devastating loss.

I'm so, so sorry, Shadow.

And congrats to Gene.

My condolences, Shadow. There are no words that fit well, but you should know that people do care.

When I go to Dave's blog, I'm looking for fun. Little did I realize the great service that Dave has done us by his posting of Gene's terrific article.

Who among us hasn't forgotten something (or someone) very, very important. How easy it is for us to become preoccupied with our little worlds.

God's peace to the Lyn Balfours of this world.

I appreciate all the kind words more than I can say. It's a pain I will have forever. You're also right; there are no words. None that will truly comfort, nor that will describe the pain we're feeling.

Thank you for sharing. I've have been so "busy" caring for my Mom I would have missed Gene's story. Great perspective.

The Pulitzer is indeed a fitting tribute for that story. Thank you Gene, and Dave.

Congrats, Gene! You now have a Pulitzer medal to display on each side of your oosik. Like a manly man should.

This is the same writer who calls people up and asks them ridiculous questions? There are deep waters here....(BG)

Dave (subliminal message--GO FOR A SECOND ONE YOURSELF!--end subliminal message), I thought you were joking with those adjectives.

This is awesome writing.

There's an odd consistency here with "Pearls Before Breakfast," the 2008 feature he won the first Pulitzer for: if more busy, work-bound people (there's a video of it at the feature online at the WaPo) had a little bit of their attention reserved for the beauty around them -- in this case a world-class violinst playing some of the best music in the world -- they might also have it available to stay focused on the beautiful little life in the back seat.

Anyway, Mr. W's first prize-winning column is a good antidote to this one that is so difficult and painful to read (what a wrenching experience it must have been to write!)...and so is something like the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, which I think I'm going to go watch again to recover a little.

Gawdallmighty. What a piece. Outstanding writing about a very difficult subject. I'd give him 2 Pulitzers for this. (Sorry Dave. But I'd give you another one for "A Guide To Guys.", just because it explains so much that I never could.

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