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April 26, 2010


An American woman who blindfolded her husband and promised him a surprise, before hitting him in the head with a hammer, has been sentenced to 30 days at home with an ankle monitor.

(Thanks to Spechul Ed)


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I'd say "stunned" would be a better description.

She was sentenced to stay at home? Isn't that more of a punishment for him?

Wow if I'd known you only got 30 days I would have done this years ago.

They say that like it's a bad thing.

Sounds like my sister got tired of her 3rd husband already...

and now, hitting on teh head lessons....

I'm sure he deserved it.

She really hammered her point home.

Amateur. Next time use a nail.

"Ricks' defence attorney said the two were still married but were separated"

See what you get for not bringing your lawyer when meeting with your ex?

Just goes to show that guys will do anything if they are promised a "surprise".

At least he got her an ankle bracelet.

Yeah but Jack Bauer got stabbed by his girlfried and ended up "On the Appalachian Trail" with her. Of course she got shot right after "traversing the Trail". Wimpy guy.

I'd say he was more astonished than surprised.

Siouxie I'm surprised at you! A nail? You should know that you need 2 nails or whatever you hang will be crooked.

♪ I'm getting a knobber knotter. I'm getting a knobber knotter. ♫

cindy, I, personally, use a nail gun and as many nails as needed.

Yikes, crosses legs...over head.

Just goes to show that guys will do anything if they are promised a "surprise".

Posted by: DaninIA | April 26, 2010 at 04:56 PM

Excellent point, Dan.

As was Dave's point up there.

It reminds me of the classic episode (Geezer Alert!) of I LOVE LUCY:

"Ricky, that is NOT a look of surprise!"
"Yes it is. I'll be surprised if my ribs aren't broken!"

/end of alert

Now where did I park that bus?

She'd a gotten off (Har!), if she'd told them he nailed her first.

Sioux, you've expanded your arsenal. CJ, I see you've not changed. (thank God.)

Why do they want to monitor her ankle?

Must have sounded like Big Ben striking one AM.

I'm also surprised she only got 30 days plus community service. But the article did say he had minor injuries.

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