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April 27, 2010


Clearly, a lot more study is needed.

(Thanks to many people, almost all of them guys)


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This is a study I can totally get in front of. Um, behind.

I apologize for holding up the study--there's just so much wonderful data to handle...That, and I get distract--

I think that we should repeat this experiment on a continuing daily basis until we have a statistically significant amount of data, say for about the next 100 years. You can never be too sure.

We definitely need to get a handful, I mean handle, on this issue.

Women exposing their nipples causes malaria.

I think the data is statistically skewed because of the various states of dress/undress. It needs to be done again with toplessness to insure validity of the experiment.

Richter? I hardly knew her!

To prove women don't cause earthquakes,
they got out their jubblies (no fakes!).
The amassed decolletage,
would the theory dislodge
and science would batter the sheiks.

Waiting for one of the male blogpersons to respond to this study with, "Thanks for the mammaries."

I think I just felt a twinge...

Note to Punkin: Do NOT participate in this study. You could destroy the world.

As Gene has just now revealed in his chat intro, the D.C. Boobquake was "a bust."

Obviously any data collected would need to be adjusted based on the prevalence of implants in any given geographic area and the effect of said implants on the stability of the tectonic plates. I suggest that, along with some my fellow bloggers (especially Braniff), we apply for a government grant so as to perform a more in depth study.

♫ Thanks for the mammaries
She used to be a "B" and now she is a "D"
She had 'em made, a big upgrade, a bloglit's dream for me
They're saline, I trust ♬

Where is chivalry ? I am going around today completely blindfolded so our women are not intimidated and partake in the study. (You guys OWE me....)

Geez...FINE! IF I must...*flashes the boys*

Btw, pad is right about Punkin. Punkin's bra.

and I heard that global warming was MAN made

But is it the entire breast,just the cleavage, or the nipples? Must both breasts be shown or just one? Is there a Lactation Factor(which WBAGNFARB)involved? This is important, people! We need funding for this important inquiry. Please send donations to the Tremor Investigatory Team (TIT) care of Hammond Rye. Do it because you care.

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!

*Snork* @ Hammie's plea for support.

To Allen, from the study participants, "You're welcome."

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Umm, err, wow.

Would someone please hose Allen down? I think we should continue this study. Except this time all women cover up and see if there are any tremors anywhere else. I've been in an earthquake that was around 6.5. It is not insignificant when you are in it. Do the blog guys think it's fair to see what happens when women don't show their boobs?

Ah, finally a topic to bring my head out of the Dolphin's draft!

You uncovered baby
Whole lot of quakin' goin' on
Yes, I said you uncovered baby
Baby the tremors are strong
They cause quakin'
Whole lot of quakin' goin' on

Well I said you uncovered baby
We got a six point nine
oooh... huh..
You uncovered baby
Babe you got the real fault line-a
They make quakin'
Whole lot of quakin' goin' on

- Jerry Lee Lewis, aka The Killer(s)

I wonder what the learned cleric thinks causes volcanoes to blow? Opps bad choice of words.

A local radiology center reported performing its 100,000th mammogram since opening. Maybe they are responsible for the earthquakes.

OC - I didn't know you were a Fins fan. Thought the name was referring to your love of the mammal ;-P

(btw - I voted in that poll - Marino ALL THE WAY!! even if Wade is a superb athlete. I was there this past Sunday when he scored the 46 pts.) Danny is my man though!

Did the earth move for you?

So what do moobs cause ( other than nausea ) ?


Bad golf scores

this rash. Does that look infected to you?

I find exposed moobs are bad for work place morale whereas exposed boobs are good for morale. (as a general rule)

If boobs were an earthquake predictor,
and the scientists' studies were stricter,
they'd look at the bust,
get over their lust,
and measure bra sizes in Richter.

In some cases they cause divorce.


good one, bm - i guess that's why they call them 'sizemologists'.

*snork* @ trustf8.

When the earth gives a shake
'Cause the boobs may be fake
That's amoral.

♬ These boobs are made for shakin', and that's what they'll do. One of these days these boobs are gonna shake all over you...♫

my fingers are gettin... um ... hard

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