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April 17, 2010


Police: Raid turned up guns, pot, baby alligators

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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You either have alligators or you don't. There is no "exaggerating" them into existence.

♫ Send lawyers, guns and money ♪

Alright, just send money.....

Sounds like one hell of a party.

Guns,pot,& baby gators, wbagnfarb.

Didn't we just recently have another drugs and non domesticated animal arrest? Is this a new trend?

See ya innawhile . . . well, you know.

Meanie, get out of my brain!

Just what we need - another armed croc-pot.

Sounds like some of my neighbors, actually.

Meanie, I've been in Jeff's brain. It's lonely in there ;P


Meanie, it's dusty too.

good one, Annie

Ha ha, ladies. Very funny.

We love you, man. Don't make me smack you now.

Jeff, and any other people of the Yankee-Islander-Mets-Devils-Giant-Jets persuasion who have RBR tickets, you can email me at NotSherly@gmail.com if you want to try to meet beforehand in the Big Apple.

I agree with Siouxie, Jeff. Hold on to the feeling. NS is so lucky. I wanna go!

and just who is going to take care of the baby alligators when Mr. Leon takes his two year "vacation?"

Sounds like another Floridian found a home.

NotSherly - just heard from Lairbo who wants to know who else is going.

We definitely want to get together before Friday's concert.

I'll undoubtedly be the old guy in the "Older Than Keith Tour" RBR shirt.

Thanks Jeff. I'll be the one with the blonde ponytail looking around for people I won't recognize until they say something funny.

Life isn't fair. who wants a blue shirt??


Dave, URGENT. (don't wash the shirt) I may want you to send it to me

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