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April 26, 2010


Dog injures nose

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)



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I've been to Salisbury. I know it's not the most exciting of cities, but ...?

It is after all the home of the Haunch of Venison. Also a pretty nice Cathedral.

/end travelogue

That has to be one of the lamest stories ever to find its way into print.

Apparently, Jeff, it is also the home of Injured Dog Noses.

i know you're hurt about gene getting his second pulitzer, but compairing him to a vision impaired dog seems a like 'sour grapes' to an extreme degree. really.

This is without a doubt the dullest story I've ever seen. Who did the reporter make mad and is she sorry yet?

There were no injuries, but twice I have gotten my daughter's dogs to run into our kitchen cabinets while chasing a laser. I turn that thing on and Stewie just about wets himself for joy.
For those concerned, I am very careful not to shine it in his eyes. On his paw works very well, though.

PETA will be contacting you shortly,Steve. These dogs are obviously not Labs.

MORE than 130,000 people logged on to view our top story today.

Our most viewed story ever involved a dog, with an injured nose.

They should thank Dave for this...

but is the puppy all right?? inquiring minds (??) wanna know.

Also, Jeff, the transition point from train to bus for going to see Stonehenge. At least, it was 20+ years ago.

The "laser" shouldn't be in eyes thing is the reason I never bought on. I keep thinking a pocket flashlight would be fun for my 2 kitties though.

Now who says newspapers and print journalism is going downhill?

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