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April 29, 2010


,,,is on the way.


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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siouxie - i'm channelling you.... Brilliant!

Encouraging quote from the story:

>>A witness across the street said: "It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.

I'd hate to think this could happen somewhere where someone would say "It's in the top 10 of the craziest things I've ever seen." Like Florida.

It was a little tight getting in, but he did it. Well done.

(Another view.)

Mercedes must be a pretty tough car to go through a brick wall, and not even have a dent.

He went backwards into that position? I'd be more impressed if he'd gotten there going forward.

It was a guy, right??

Yeah, looking at that car makes me want one. I couldn't see a scratch on it. Of course, there may be a brown spot or two in the driver's seat.

While executing The Back-up Plan, he started
Breaking Bad & had a
Reversal of (mis)Fortune.

If I had done this I would have thrown it into drive asap and hoped no one noticed.

I live in Tulsa, and I got to see several different "views" via different downtown friends' Facebook posts last night - it apparently caused quite a stir!

I'm also mad that I didn't think to send this in to Dave for a FL Drivers License moment --- what was I thinking??

Freebie and the Bean, except in reverse.

I think Consumer Reports is getting a little carried away, don't you?


Again, very odd no body damage. Do you suppose this could have been "photoshopped" and the car rear
"placed" in the "hole"...hey, the National Enquirer and Weekly World News used to publish fake photos all the time!!!

Either than or this car has a titanium exterior that bounces back!!!

Some poor lady actually did the same thing in downtown Fort Lauderdale... unfortunately her car did not stop.

Yes officer, all I did was put it into "R" for ram.

That is not brick; it's some kind of low-strength sheathing. Put a few more cars through it and call it an art project.

'without' no where, to go.

I the

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