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April 23, 2010


A US student has attracted 30,000 supporters for a Facebook campaign urging women to show as much cleavage as possible to prove that breasts do not cause earthquakes.

(Thanks to men of the male persuasion Ralph K., Jeff Meyerson, catmanmax, Baron vonKlyff, JG and Lord Greg)


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Guys? No more sports until you agree that boobs don't cause earthquakes,okay? Done. I cannot believe that Allen at Division didn't send this one in.

just one in the latest series of excuses...

It's worth the risk.

There should be a scientific study. In Las Vegas.

It is a relief to know that the men around here are concerned about movements.

i'm grudgingly going to volunteer to assist in going over the mountains of information that's coming from this study.

*starts a strong pot of coffee to gird myself for the difficult task placed before me*
*and rolls a few just in case*


I was busy raising both hands in firm support of this wonderful, wonderful cause. I cannot believe the Remainders aren't doing a concert for this!

I would keep them covered in case they are unexposed film.

Guys, remember, if you feel the Big One coming on, don't stand until it subsides.

I'm all in favor of the standard deviantdeviation stattitsitcal analysis of the data.

"...an increase in young women flaunting the law..."

You flout the law.
You flaunt your boobs.

Both are good. Carry on.

I supppose all of the blog guys will be watching carefully for any mountains moving on Monday. (try saying that 3 times fast) Especially Allen who may want to put his arms down now since it's not until April 26th.

Guys...uh, guys?....well, in case ANYbody is interested in looking elsewhere on Monday, here's the Iranian Seismological Center's online earthquake list (really!).

And for verification, here's the latest earthquakes list put out bythe USGS (where some people will be studying the Grand Tetons on Monday).

Cool! I'm in. Now to find the perfect outfit.

*Siouxie became a fan of "How many boobs does it take to cause and earthquake"*

Amusin' that the Brits still don't know the English language ... but Ford79 made the comment I would've pointed (!) out ... so ... I got nuthin' ... merely sittin' here and waitin' ... to see ... um ... whutever ...

"On Monday, April 26, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own. Yes, the one usually reserved for a night on the town.

"I encourage other female sceptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts. Or short shorts, if that's your preferred form of immodesty."

Kind of brings a tear to your eye and a lump to your throat, doesn't it?

Preferred Immodesty WBAGNFA Madonna documentary.

And yes, the Remainders did a concert last night. And we were there, along with the Lairbos, the NotSherlys and Meanie the Blue. All or some of the above took photos which should turn up here at some point and I believe Meanie might have taken some video clips of the performers (so to speak).

We had a good time at dinner (i.e. beer was drunk) and the concert, even though we got thrown out were asked to clear the place before Dave came out. We did get to talk to his brother Sam and (Sam's wife) Kathi Goldmark and Ridley after the show.

The concert itself was fun, of course, and once again proved that they play much better than Dave's self-deprecating comments would indicate.

Some of the playlist:

These Boots are Made for Walking (Amy Tan)
Leader of the Pack (Amy)
I'm a Believer (Mitch Albom & wife Janine Sabino)
Love Me & Jailhouse Rock (Mitch does Elvis)
Mustang Sally
Black Slacks (Sam & Erasmo)
Charlie Brown (Dave, with Roy Blount doing the title part, and Dave changing "Who's always throwing spitballs?" to "Who's always scratching his b@lls?")
a song Dave wrote about being in love with a "proofreading woman" (very amusing)
I Fought the Law & Runaway (Scott Turow)
a funny song about Brooklyn sung by Frank McCourt's widow Ellen
Wild Thing (Scott)

I'm sure the others can fill in more details.

We had a wonderful time last night in Tmes Square with Meanie, the Meyersons, and the Lairbos, who are smart, warm and funny people. Assessment: Bloglits are every bit as wonderful as I had imagined and the RBRs, better.
More to follow.

*waves to NotSherly*

Don't worry - won't give away any secrets. Great meeting you and Mr. NS.

One more song I remembered: Dave did "Gloria" (the Shadows on Knight/Them version, not the do wop version).

Shadows of Knight

Think of the money they could raise with a DVD, and they wouldn't need to many train rides. I have an art show all day so I won't see photos till late tonight, or... whenever.

Further playlist:

If the House Is A-Rockin' (All)
I'm A Bestseller, Baby - an original and very funny song by Greg Iles
A new, original and very funny country song by Kathy Goldmark
One Way Or Another (Amy Tan)
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Ridley)

NotSherly, we were equally happy to hang out with you and Mr. NS, and I agree about the company and the band.

Getcher photos RIGHT HERE!

Kathi insisted (after the show) that her song was absolutely based on a true incident, by the way.

She has great timing too.

Great pics, Meanie!! Looks like another awesome concert!

Jeff, is it the song about her underwear being older than the guy?? She told me a story about that one during the last Book Fair/concert. It's hysterical!

Yup, that was the song. She insisted it really happened in Austin. Her timing was impeccable.

And still, Dave refuses to play Copacabana....

Uh huh...I love that song and she delivers it with incredible timing LOL She said her friends and her wrote the song right after it happened. I'm sooooooo glad her and Sam got together!

Shaddup shaddup shaddup!!!! Meanie, don't make me start *SMACKING* you...I used to like you.

At one point Roy Blount said they would take a request (not true - they immediately went into "Da Do Ron Ron") and your buddy Meanie actually yelled out "Manilow"!

Fortuantely, no one heard him (or pretended they didn't).

I'd have smacked him one right then and there!

Another reason why you need to be at these things, Siouxie. You know we can't be trusted to behave.

Yes, and we all know that *I* am the pinnacle of decorum at such events.

"Pinnacle" ?????

I thot mebbe "Paradigm" ... merely havin' had a passin' acquaintance (on the 'NET, y'all PREVERTS!) with Siouxie ...

LOL thanks, OTheU (I think)

BTW, GREAT pix ... and even BETTER cutlines, MtB ... tnx fer introductionalismness to other blogits ... 'preciate it bein' able to ... um ... whut wuz the question?

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