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April 26, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Jack, devastated about Renee getting sniped out of the plot, is trying to work through his feelings of grief and loss by whacking the Russians who whacked her. But President Woman President ordered Jack to be locked down because she needs the Russians for the all-important Peace Procezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry!  Anyway, as you would imagine, Jack did not respond well to being locked down. He stole a convenient helicopter and is now on his way toward the UN, thereby forcing Chloe, who is in charge of CTU, to order the Air Force to force him down. We frankly feel sorry for the Air Force.

Edgar is still dead.

Stay tuned in the comments section after the show as the Amazing Steve attempts to unravel the plot, which is no mean feat, as can be seen in this photograph of Steve holding the actual plot.

Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

Is it necessary to refrigerate ketchup?
Absolutely not.
You notice they don't refrigerate ketchup in restaurants. It sits out on the tables for DAYS.
That way, you're not wrecking your nice hot hamburger by pouring this cold glop onto it.
Our guess is, the concept of refrigerating ketchup was invented by lawyers.
The same is true of mustard.
Mayonnaise is a different story.
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UPDATE: Also, Mr. Bauer, you must return your seat to the upright and locked po sition.

UPDATE: Wait, that was the WHOLE HELICOPTER SEQUENCE? Lame-O-Rama.

UPDATE: Ethan sure recovered quickly from a serious heart attack.

UPDATE: Physical coercion! No!

UPDATE: "Pull out now." Heheheh.

UPDATE: Who is the Vegas-looking guy? We know him from before, right?

UPDATE: "An assortment of assault rifles." Yes, that's definitely how the "pros" order assault rifles.

UPDATE: "We do this right, we take Jack by surprise." Right!

UPDATE: I hate the Peace Agreement. I miss the Lethal Atomic Rods o' Doom.

UPDATE: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

UPDATE: CTU: We're even less competent than you thought.

UPDATE: That Freddie Prinze Jr. sure can emote.

UPDATE: These men have some jowls.

UPDATE: It's a jowl-off.

UPDATE: OK,so at the beginning of this episode, Jack was trying to locate Dana Walsh, and at the end, Jack was still trying to locate Dana Walsh. In other words: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE: Next week: Waterboarding! Dana gets loose! Take, it, The Amazing Steve.


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If all else fails add a whole bunch of new guys to the mix and see what happens.

we would prefer LETHAL force...

President Woman President needs to sign her own death threat now...

And he's not going to be happy when he learns he's been set up.

President Waffle Woman President.

"A private interrogation team."


Chloe your karma died today.

Are you F#&king STUPID????????????????

I guess the answer to that is obvious.

Logan: now, madam president, we must kill all of the Jedi.

Taylor: I don't know...

Logan: It's the only way

Taylor: ok.

And she's gone...buh bye...a few birds short of a nest...

Okay, is that three times PWP has changed her mind so far this hour or only two?

Ethan's gonna go Al Haig!

Hillary actually wants to TORTURE her way into a PEACE treaty.


Gadzooks - El hefe lady parts president is now channeling both Nixon and Cheney!!!!

The people from IRK were more exciting than this bunch.

Wasn't EThan's younger brother in those classic
"takes a-licking and keeps on ticking" Timex commercials?

Also that statement seems to describe Bauer pretty well, too!

I've authorized a change for the greater good in the universe. To make the nationwide access to Golden Hoverponies not only possible, but inevitable.

psycho quack, quack quack.

Is Ethan resigning AGAIN?

Bring back President Allstate. PLEASE!

Go Ethan! He's dead.

Ethan is such a badass.

Handbag, there's a real choice.

"You've got Charles Logan now."

He's as brutal as Greg House.

Nice to see someone has a pair in this administration...and for awhile, I thought it was the president...

Good for you Ethan. Save yourself and kick the bitch to the curb.

Ethan's wishin' for Jack...KEVORKIAN!!

homey, I think you hit it on the head.

Bring back President Allstate. I don't care if he's dead. Anything is better than this hoser.

The chances that Chloe would set Jack up are non existent.

Maybe Ethan will end up helping Jack.

Ethan just b*tch slapped her with the "U have logan now" line! i luv it!

the rods?

I guess I musta missed the part where PWP fell and cracked her head- how else did she get this dumb, this quick?

Hope he doesn't end up with Sen. Red disease.

Twoina, GMTA

Will Bledsoe give Dana a blast of hydration to the face? What if the cudgel doesn't change into water? Will it still be refreshing?

IRK Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Let's knock out this filler and move to the shootin'.

Blah,blah,blah,blah.... I want some action!

Kayla: "How can so many people be against (the peace treaty)?"

Because it's a totally boring plotline that is interfering with the righteous violence, that's why.

Kill me now, please, so I don't have to watch any more of this crap.

It's not fear and hatred dummy, there's always lots of money somewhere.

How can so many people be against an industrial cleaning facility?

Ah, garbage bags as cover...good idea, Jack!

" .... the most threatening thing they can imagine" - Cut to Jack.

How many CTU agents is Jack going to kill this time?

@ Wes: Win.


Another great plot: have Logan go into a men's room stall and start toe tapping....tapping...tapping.

Okay, is there even ONE woman on this show they can portray as actually being confident holding the reins of power?

c'mon jack shed some BLOOD all ready!

Where's Admiral Ackbar screaming "IT'S A TRAP!" when you need him?

Jack's hauling quite a load.

Now Jack is really alone. Even Chloe betrayed him.

"Stay sharp?"

Does Cole really think his boy agents, whose voices haven't changed yet, can take Jack down?

wouldn't jack be making a ton of noise with the 'bag-o-guns'?

NOt sold in stores.

Jack, you're not heavily armed enough...the average NY teen has at least 10 times more firepower than you do!

hey, my Dentist uses that!

Peek a boo!


Hey aren't those postal delivery trucks? Jacks about to go postal!!

What exactly does Jack want to talk to Dana about again?

Aaron must come back. . .and reveal himself as the true puppetmaster of this season. It's the only salvation we have.

And we get Aaron back.

Jack needed another body. For balance.

Hide and go seek- Jack style.

Enormous Jack Sack!

Dumb@ss. Did you really think Jack fell for that?

Is that a caulking gun that Jack has?

Well, that's the first smart thing Cole's done all season...

Does Jack have a caulk gun??

And to top off this borefest Castle (yum) is a rerun. PPPFFFLLLIIITTT!

What a twist!

Ah ha! Jack out-Jacked Chloe!

Err...that STILL doesn't sound right...

Madame IRK President : "Some people find peace the most threatening thing they can imagine"

"there's no profit in peace"-drummer Oscar Harrison

"What about your men?"

I guess Chloe knows Jack too.

And in the battle of wits between Jack and Chloe, Jack is ahead on points...

Spelling, trustf8?

Every time Jack screams, a child roundhouse kicked in the face.

Someone needs to wake Dave up. This is not the most exciting episode I've seen.

Well, we got a really mean Jack face behind a gun. What's that worth?

oooo Psyche CHEEEZ!

"That's all it's good for - phone calls."

THat's why it's called a PHONE, Sprint moron.

Now surely Chloe set up a way for the guy to tell her in code: "It all went pear-shaped and Jack currently has me at gunpoint." Right? Because that had to be the most likely outcome.

The Dana interrogation scene better be good. I think she would break under a cold shower with the threat to put the video on Youtube if she doesn't spill the beans.

Anyone know the drink count ? I'm always behind.

So what's CTU code for "Jack took all four of us hostage with a caulk gun?

Worst. Episode. Ever.

President WP: "I need my peace agreement...and the strawberries."

And a strait jacket.

Yeah, CTU can't even catch a good guy.

@ LeDud

toss down a double and call it even ...

So, I'm thinking Jack and Chloe have trained for situations like this before. Some subtle clues for communicating intent while making plausible covers.

haha dances ;)


Be honest, Jack, you just want Buffy's help to get Dana back.



nuk a lar

Jack is NEVER wrong, Cole.

"What if you're wrong?"

"I'm NOT!"

Excellent, Jack!

Still trying to figure out why Hillary is so hell-bent on a peace deal when - given the Russians' involvement in a WMD attack on New York - she really ought to be planning a retaliatory strike on Volgograd or something...

Get up! No false moves, and no starch!

Agent FPJ is tested -- and is not found wanting!

go ahead ethan, slit his throat

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