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March 30, 2010


Zebra pizza.

Name of Pizza Entrepreneur That We Are Not Making Fun Of Because Of Our Strict Policy: "Arash Fard."

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Crocodile Pizza and the Alternative Meats WBAGNFARB

Local zebra contacted the newspaper to say, "Brian Jackson is common."

Wasn't Arash Fard one of the IRK terrorists on "24"?...

In Soviet Russia, crocodile pizzas eat....ah, never mind.

Tastes like chicken horse.

So..it's half black and half white?

With all that exotic meat on the menu, it sounds like they've earned their stripes.

Wonder if it's striped?

Our special today is the 'Endangered Spizza'; half spotted owl, half Canadian lynx.

Anything beats anchovies.

Can a Mac-Zebra be far behind ?

Arash Fard?? I hear there's a cream for that.

Where hyenas order out.

Skip the orangutan juice. It's a bit nutty.

So "zebra pizza" has zebra meat, "kangaroo pizza" has kangaroo meat. I'd be seriously afraid to try their "sicilian pizza".

the little foxes have holes..

*snork* @ Horace.

>>I'd be seriously afraid to try their "sicilian pizza".<<

...Not to mention " Hawaiian Pizza " .

Don't buy the Chuckie's rat pizza.

NY pizza with nuclear pepperoni rods.

Poor zebras!

Tarzan stripes forever.

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