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March 25, 2010


...when robbers hold up a Taco Bell for food.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The robbers were given fried apple pies and they drove away.

Look for a couple of very fat guys leaving a trail of chip bags.

I'd risk a ten year pull for a fried apple pie, sure.

Fried apple pies ARE really good...

Taco Bell sells fried apple pies? Really??? I didn't realize that qualified as Mexican food. Seriously.

Does it perhaps come with a nacho cheese dipping cup? Or salsa? What's the tie-in here???

Talk about low rent thieves. Big sign on the back window, "Student Armed Robber".

I think they're some kind on fried apple turnovers.

So even desperate criminals won't trust the "mystery meat" at Taco Bell. Good to know.

In our defense, the Taco Bells here do make some very good fried apple pies. Although personally I would have gone down the road a bit, waited for the hot and ready sign, and gone for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Fry apple pie?
I'm gonna have to try me some.

When I was a kid my boy scout troop would buy dozens of boxes of Krispy Kremes, mark 'em up a little bit, and sell them door to door to make money for the troop.

Talk about shootin' fish in a barrel! A Boy Scout, in uniform, shows up on your doorstep at 8:30 Saturday morning with box of warm Krispy Kremes?! We had folks begging us to come back every weekend.

Did they run for the border?

I'm going to refrain from making comments about mistaking fish tacos for a new perfume because I'm scared of a certain machette weilding lady.

bonmot, the Junior Rescue Squad members had a fund raiser for a few Saturdays and we did this. I was the lucky person who went and got the doughnuts. There is nothing more frustrating than driving with 50 boxes of hot Krispy Kremes in the back of your car knowing you cannot eat them.

It's as Mexican as apple pie?

Speaking about showing up at your door step, who the f**k sent that Jehovah's Witness to my house yesterday?

Aye, yii, yii, yiiii,
I am the Taco Bandito.
We love apple pie fried,
Fo' shizzle we do.
Give up the damn fried pies,
We'll steal them from you!

Yo quiero Prison Cell.

I believe I can give some expert views on Taco Bell. I was employee of the month circa 1977, South Bend IN. I worked the closing shift. We did not sell "fried apple pies" and we were never robbed. Need I say more ?

Sorry about that Ken.

nursecindy -- that does sound like torture.

Cindy, at least check her wardrobe next time. Fashion police are never there when you need em....

"Will rob for food" is a sign that you see more and more nowadays.

Yo queiro mas gato.

Even desperados get the munchies.

I am thinking marijuana was involved.

LOL Layzee!

I knew there would be trouble when they got rid of the chihuahua guard dogs.

I just hope they catch those guys, 'cause no one is above the law...

That's food at Taco Bell? Who knew?

"Would you like dollars with that?"

"No? OK, thank you. Window 2, please."

Did they get the license plate or the combo plate?

Bye, bye, for a Mexican pie...

Robbing a Taco Bell for food is like robbing a bank for underwear.

Somebody had the munchies. Even money that if the clerk had offered to trade food for the weapon, they'd have given it some thought.

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