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March 18, 2010


Imagine what's going through the mind of THIS dog.


(Thanks to wiredog)


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Just wait til they strap that soldier to a bear!

Ruh roh!

"Look at all the new places to poop down there!"


He's wearing a muzzle for a reason...

Just throw a squirrel out first.

My dog sticks his head out the car window at 80+ MPH. This isn't that much different.

When my dog sticks his head out the car window his tongue flops about and he pants like crazy because he thinks he's running so fast. I wonder what he would do if he jumped from a plane.


Don't let Lucy see this, she'll enlist.


Ruh-roh. Wes broke the blog...

Hold my water dish

doggy breath from above!!

There's a reason these troops wear yellowish-brown pants...

If dogs don't perceive height differences then why don't they run directly into the sofa instead of jumping up on it? I know there's a perfectly logical explanation for that but it doesn't make sense to me. Did he perhaps mean they have no depth perception?

Women also lack depth perception.

Perhaps that's because they always been told that this:


is ten inches.

What about this poor cat??

*SMACKS* Bonmot.

Yeah, well, alpacas have been doing that forever.

"Combat dogs take to the skies for secret missions in Afghanistan"

Not so secret anymore!


Wait...dogs have minds?

I like gum


The crow flies at midnight. (Makes as much sense as a couple of other posts here, iykwim)

I don't know about dogs. If they don't perceive height differences, why are so few found to have walked off cliffs?
Our cat, Jasmine, used to love to be put up on a 6' tall dresser. She became queen of the world and would swat any lower beings (us) who dared approach too closely.

okay i think it's fixed now. seriously, could you guys please MAKE SURE you have typed everything correctly when you're using html in the posts?

and lemme know if that idiot keeps spamming.

YAY judi!!!!

um...ok..now my nonsense post makes even LESS sense ;P

When did judi become a prig?

Does the handler still use a leash during the jump?

With regard to judi's lament: I found that if I enter something that involves the "a href" business or italics and then hit Preview to make sure it came out right, when I exit Preview the entire post has been erased and I have to start over. My suggestion: once you finish your post, block the whole thing and hit Copy on your browser, then go ahead and preview it to make sure it looks OK. When you exit Preview, hit Paste on your browser and your post will be restored. You then need to hit Enter and go down the screen 1 line before Post will light up again. Try it, I think you'll find this will eliminate any html mishaps... :)

Steve, another way to preview something with html codes is to "right click" on the link and open as a new page. You'll be able to see your link/photo/etc. When you close the page, it brings you back to the original blog page. That's how I do it, anyways and I don't have to copy/paste.

With italics, bold and strike-through, the normal preview should work fine. Just that some people (I've been guilty of it too) don't use the preview.

That's probably because every time they previewed their post they came back and found it had been erased, so they had to start over. What possible benefit this might have I cannot imagine, so I will simply chalk it up to another screwup built into the system, like the pesky bot that requires me to type in a series of letters or numbers nearly every time I hit Post...

Reason #785, on why dogs make superior pets:

"Try doing this with a cat!"

I doan't need no steeken' preview, Siouxie.


Preview is for the strike>weak!

I'll bet they walk them, first.

I'll bet the first jump is very different.

Getting the dog to jump is easy. They open the door, throw out a tennis ball and then the dog pulls the paratrooper out of the plane.

Also I think the part about dogs not being able to perceive heights just means that they can not understand flying at 10,000 feet so they aren't scared of falling.

*idly wonders if the dog in question is wearing a butt button, and if it's a target, or a disco ball*


RIP Fess Parker.

*dons coon skin cap in memory*


Indeed, bon.
*takes the coon skin cap wine toppers out of the drawer and puts on wine bottles*

The our beagle would probably sleep all the way down.

Like Siouxie I preview modified posts by right clicking the link in Preview then opening it in another tab. If it's right, close the tab and you're back at the Preview and can post.

Re: Fess Parker
They run Davy Crockett every night here and it has been a hoot the last couple of months watching. Just like when I was about 10.

The photo reminds me of two of my favorite jokes.

Q: Why don't blind people skydive more often?

A: Scares the hell out of their dogs.

Q: How does a blind skydiver know he's near the ground?

A: The leash goes slack.

Heh. (And I say that as a long-time dog owner and a one-time skydiver.) ..fritz..

They're training him to hunt terrierists.

Forget the Jack Russell terrier.

What they need is a Jack Bauer terrier.


We are planning on getting together this coming Saturday afternoon-ish. Tinkerbell is in town and wants to meet the crazies wonderful South Florida bloglits. We do not know if she will be wearing her costume. If you wish to join us, please email me or judi.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

OH yeah...I forgot to mention that alcohol will most definitely be involved.

X-Treme Fetch?

Where's my chew toy?

Just realized Daniel Boone not Davy Crockett, though Fess Parker played both characters.

i'm a huge dan'l boone fan myself, loudmouth. i didn't know davy crockett was a tv show! (I'm posting this anyway 'cause typepad WOULDN"T LET ME POST IT - before i refreshed the page and saw loudmouth's correction! ---cue twilight zone music---)

Late comment from the west coast:

If the parachute fails, does master turn to the dog and T-splat say: "I love you man!"

Dogs don’t perceive height difference, so that doesn’t worry them.

Which explains the muzzle.

Seriously, the dog is thinking: "Don't take my picture while I'm strapped onto this guy's genitals."

That dogs don't perceive heights is rubbish. When I ask my two big Afghan Hounds to hop out of the back seat of the Jeep when leashed up, their faces say, "How do we do this without breaking all of our legs?" Then they cautiously jump down. If you have a dog and a bed or furniture, you know they understand heights. I think that skydiving dog is a testimony to the trust our dogs give to us, which we do not deserve if we go around skydiving with them.

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