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March 29, 2010


A Rhode Island zookeeper has been treated at a hospital for minor head injuries and released after butting heads with a giraffe.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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It's quite possible that I and my family petted this very giraffe. The Roger Williams Zoo has a pedestrian walkway that brings you to giraffe head height, and the animals do come over to be petted and lick you.

The blue tongue was a bit of a startler, though.

We did that with my nephew in Scottsdale, Meanie.

Pretty cool.

The Head Butting Giraffe WBAGNFARB.

The head-butt wasn't the cause of the injuries, it was the fall from the ladder.

Well who doesn't like to get close to people and have their heads petted?

Necking can be dangerous. Once heavy petting gets out of hand, there's no telling what can happen next.

"Giraffiti" -- graffiti written WAAAY up high.

*pat's bonmot on the head*

I was in the giraffe house of a zoo once. The giraffe was able to stick her head out over the walkway but could not lower it to come into contact with the people.
I looked up and was admiring the beauty of this magnificent animal. At that exact moment, it became obvious that giraffes sometimes drool.

Once again, this giraffe doesn't look anything like my husband. :)

Thanks, nc! :-)

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