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March 17, 2010


A Mount Washington man was sleeping in his apartment early this morning when he felt someone get into bed with him.

Figuring it was his girlfriend, he called out her name.

A deep male voice replied, "No it's not."

(Thanks to Ben)


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"No it's not."
"Tina, then."
"Fraid not."
"Help me out, I'm running out of lyrics here."

Alcohol was involved?

Dude looked like a lady???????

I have to ask....What the he## does the violinist Mary Jane Teamont have to do with this? Did I miss something???

Amazingly true, cindy.

I'm lost.

Presumably, he's warm now.

It reminds me of a story someone told me once. She said she was in bed and felt someone get in beside her. She had already heard her husband leave the house. She said she was frozen for a bit and then finally turned. It was a kitty cat who had crept in when her husband left.

When I call out the wrong name I get in trouble too.

Rep. Massa looked... different... on television. Odd.

I think we crossed lines with another blog.

Paging Babelfish...cleanup on aisle 2038.

Alright Siouxie. I think you've had enough wine and/or green beer. (Annie, don't tell her I said that)

(apologies to Ray Davies)

I rented a place in Mount Washington
Where they lock the doors
but the locks are like
jelly doughnuts
d-o-a-nut do-o-nuts

She walked in the room
and crawled into bed
and I called out her name
In a deep low voice
he said "No, it's not,
N-O it's not, no it's not,
No no no no noooo, it's not..."

Apologies to ‘Ole Blue Eyes.

Strangers in the night exchanging bed sheets
Searching in the night for that nice body heat
We said our hellos but didn’t know who we were talking to.
Strangers in the night
Two lonely people we were strangers in the night.
Up to the moment when we said our first hello little did we know.
We’d be sharing love before the night was through.

So what did happen to the girlfriend?

I know a woman, about 5 foot nothin', very petite build. Normal womanly pitch to her voice.

But she can pitch it lower so that she sounds like a guy. A bit like Dave, actually. Very disturbing to be lying in bed and hear, in a voice like Our Host's, "Hey Babe, wanna f***?"

It's disturbing if you're a guy, anyway.

w-dog, can she also make her head rotates 360 degrees?

Strangers in the night,
exchanging rubbers.
This one is too tight;
let's have another.
This one is too loose.

It doesn't hold the JUIIIIIIICE . . .

Good morning. Wasn't me, cindy. I didn't even HAVE green beer. If you must know, I was having THIS.

WTF happened here last night. Someone let the riff raff in?? (well..more than usual).

Cougar Siouxie likes her younglings . . .


And your point is, Bon?? ;P

I'm just happy the nut is gone from last night. I was getting worried because I had taken some Tylenol for a headache and thought maybe someone had slipped something in them.

I see from looking at some other posts that the nut is still here but under a different name.

May be one of Hammie's sheep gone rogue.

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