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March 24, 2010


Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes, Experts Warn

(Thanks to catmanmax)

UPDATE: Related items here, here and here.


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So the boobs will be ready to bust?

I was rejected as overkill.

Exploding Boobs WNAGBFA Pam Anderson movie.

So, it wasn't the curry that made my a$$ explode?

Keira Knightley proves that a woman does not need fake boobs to be fiercely attractive.
In my day, fake boobs meant the Kleenex box was now empty.

This is why no one will vote against Pamela Anderson on DWTS

judi is no doubt looking for another job

I would think our alert airport personnel would be suspicious of a terrorist dude with big bazoongas. NO?

mmmmmmm . . . Peta . . . .

I'm sorry, did you say something?

I only got 14 out of 19 on the quiz. I'll have to study harder.

I Knew it! When they started the knew 3 oz liquid limits, I wasn't sure which bras to bring: water, or gel.

*removes a k*

I think closer inspection of large tatas will be required. I volunteer to lead the program.

Despicable! I suppose they'll try to use a nursing baby as the detonator.

bonmot that is really big of you. What a sacrifice.

Your safety is my utmost concern. OK, now lose the bra . . .

Lady why's your chest ticking?

Another case of "The Exploding Tatas"

If Dana's chest starts going BLEEP! BLOOP! BLEEP! BLOOP! I'm outta here...

Oh boy. Dealing with the TSA is gonna be fun now....

I see a new plot twist for "24". Jack: "Cloey, can you disarm them ?". Cloey: "My software only goes up to 36DD !"


If I searched her, would I be guilty of mammarian profiling?

Actually bonmot, you're too late. They seem to have already exploded.

I only meant tator tots are fun to eat

i got 16 out of 19 on the 'spot the fake boobs' quiz

A's are natural, as mine were, all nat.. life took turns, and B's were tough to get through, a must for C's. darn, I want 'em back.

a rapper

Jennifer Anniston tripped me up.

You do have to wonder if the TSA is deliberately stirring things up for perverse fun. Look how easily they got those body scanners approved...

Mmmm, ha...donu...boobs.

JA repeated camphommile,now lives in Arapahoe

Speaking of the body scanners, I wonder if the turnover for that job will be high. I mean, how many people percentage-wise reallly look *much* better while fully dressed than they do in "scanned" condition?

Pirates of the Carib-B-cup??

'She's carrying a bo......er....two boombs.'

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