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March 20, 2010


One restaurant springs immediately to mind.

(Thanks to Sharon Lurie)


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They still have tomatoes and the buns are bigger.

Do they do birthday parties? I might even stick around for one of those.

Sigh. Well, ever since Chuck E. Cheese went bad.. Really bad.

Where will your kids eat free tonight? You can bet it won't be there. AND, I don't buy the story that all men say about how they go there for the great chicken wings.

So, the kiddies get dinner and a lesson in female anatomy...and all for free!

Yes, yes it does. What?

My 5 year old son would love it. Orange is his favorite color.

I have been to Hooters exactly once. I was taken there by my girlfried at the time. She said she wanted to see what it was like.

I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

'Course, I don't see my feet, either.

*pushes the girls to the side* Oh! There they are!

Mebbe y'all could get a job there, Punkin ... well, mebbe the girls could ...

Merely tryin' to help ...

Everything at Hooters goes to my lap...I mean thighs.

I don't like their chicken wings, but they have great breasts.

Kids meal at Hooters:

Appetizer (pick one):
Melon balls
Seafood C-cup

Main course (pick one):
Cleavage butter and jelly sandwich
Muffalo chicken wings

Dessert (pick one):
Nipple-olitan ice cream
Ice cream silly-cone

(Any meal that the kid orders makes dad's order a happy meal. By definition.)

Can they eat more than a mouthful?

Strawberry, not cherry. Otherwise, I hear ya.

Cindy, I ALWAYS went to Hooters for the wings but that may have been because my wife wouldn't let me stay and see the show. Take-out only, that's my motto. Or that's what my wife says it is.

Long story but I once had to buy a tube of toothpaste at the Wally-Market in Murfreesboro. At midnight. Yes. It is a different place. Of course the store was delighted to have finally sold a tube of toothpaste.

i'm sure my 16 yr old nephew will be happy to hear this.

Go have a fun girls-night-out. I'll take care of the kids dinner.

That may work one time Loudmouth.

Maybe they should open a ladies oriented tea house called Peckers. Serve the best watercress finger sandwiches in town. You know, with a woodpecker logo. Nah, probably fail because women don't like those kind of things.

Loudmouth, there is already a place in Charlotte for the ladies. It's called, 'Tally Whackers'. Not that I've ever been there but I have heard about it.

"Hi, I'm Kandi, and I'll be your wetnurse today . . ."

Hooters actually does have good wings. Fortunately, my current wife doesn't care where I get my appetizers, as long as I come home for dinner (IYCMD).

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