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March 30, 2010



Giant Isopod 2_doomsday_604x341

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Yum, crab legs! Not sure I would want to eat those however.


When it's mother shows up we are going to be in big trouble.

Any word from the French?

We're definitely gonna need a bigger grill.

I'd eat it. But I'll eat most anything that comes out of the ocean.

Doesn't scare me ... I know Siouxie and her trusty machete could handle it with ease ... and thusly have it ready for the grill ...


Cthulhu's rising was a big disappointment to his followers.

Big deal. I had that thing's big brother in a basement apartment I had in college.
I used Raid by the gallon and those things just laughed. Occasionally, they would just lie on their backs and giggle.

Key quote: "Land bugs = ew! Sea bugs = mm mmm good."

Hmmm, on second thought, I agree.

Somebody call Sigourney Weaver.

Just to be a pain, I have an issue with this. I keep reading "isopod" and keep seeing amphipod, or, more interestingly, a link between the two.

Look for yourselves, then ask yourselves, Isopoda? ("same feet"). Or Amphipoda, (different feet)? This critter came from the great deep and you might be flattened, too, if you had the entire ocean on top of you. The flattening difference between isopods and amphipods can be pretty subjective. The difference in the danged pods (feet) is rather striking. Yeah, I skimmed some papers before I posted this, but I'm not buying them, at least not in a Blog post time frame. There is no point to having the naming system if we say, "Hey, it's flat, so it must have the same (iso) feet (pods)." And, yes, I know some allowance is made for thoracic and abdominal differences in the feet, but look for yourselves at a basic characterization of isopods and amphipods:


I would call him ""Buddy."

Can't wait for the release of Mega Piranha vs. The Giant Isopods.

Well... yes, I can, in fact.

Why in god's name don't scientists just LEAVE things where they find them?

Because our scientists are nuts, Guin.


CJ! I've missed your rants insightful commentary!!!

I call it ICKYPOD!

By the way, Alaskan King Crab (paralithodes camtschaticus) is not a crustacean. It's an arachnid. Like a scorpion or spider. Pass the melted butter.


But tasty...

*ponders the appropriate pasta sidedish*

Cheryl, I'm thinking a risotto...

Not that I would mind Sigourney Weaver but I was thinking more like we need Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. "Zed, we got a bug."

Anybody reminded of Area 51?

Would you serve red or white wine with this??? Pondering.....

You can find isopods and amphipods in almost any New England tide pool, but they're around 1 cm. long. Something this size must be the result of a conspiracy. Blame it on the giant aunts.

Arrrgh! It's the snopesasaurus!

I disagree that it is a 'crablike creature', looks more shrimplike to me. More than jumbo shrimplike though. Gigantor shrimplike.

Nightmare gigantor shrimplike.

I agree with angi - more shrimplike. But in this case, more fake-like too.

Carry emergency rescue butter when diving there.

fortune, there's fortune in then there whatever

I believe the rule is, white wine with seafood, Ripple with red meat.

there are no balls on that though.. what do you do?

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