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March 28, 2010


The Old Nimrods

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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That was Old Ironsides who opened for Metallica. The Old Nimrods opened for Iron Butterfly.

*checks to make sure there is no html*


That's not OLD ... for a Nimrod ... merely sayin' ...

Odd, it doesn't look anything like my husband...

I met a man named Nimrod once. He was over 50 and didn't know his name had historical and biblical origins.
What a Nimrod.

I resent that!

I thought Dave was talking about the Rolling Stones at first.

I hate to see the experienced Nimrods replaced by lower-wage novice Nimrods.

I apologize to all the intelligent, culturally aware Nimrods out there, both of you.
Actually, the Nimrod I knew wasn't unintelligent. I just couldn't believe he was a member of my wife's church and had never known where his own name came from.
My first name is Hal. I know where it came from. It's from my Daddy, who got it from his Daddy, who got it from, well, you get the idea.
I always hated the name. Daddy used his Hal because it was WAY better from his middle name. He's been gone for decades now and I still don't like to tell people what his middle name was for fear of his haunting me. It's just an initial on his gravestone.

I'm still wondering about the Kinloss airfield and how they treat what we would call goldstar mothers, who have suffered kinloss.

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