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March 26, 2010


Man beaten with digeridoos in family feud

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I didn't know Richard Dawson was Australian.

I guess he should have tied his kangaroo down, sport.

At least he wasn't waltzing his matilda in public.

I prefer Cheetos, myself.

Didje, or didje not?

You'll get my digeridoo when you pry it from my cold,dead fingers. Why were people beating them with those? They're some sort of flute aren't they?

Could someone please explain for me what, exactly, is a "consensual fight"?

A MAN was beaten with weapons ranging from bats to digeridoos...

bats?? won't they fly away?

*hair flip*

Here you go, cindy.

They can be 3 to 10 feet long, so I guess you could do more damage with one than, say, a flute.

Walter's cousin?




"Hey, STOP it!"

Stallan, 31, was jailed for using a wind instrument in the concussion section.

occassioning ?

Don't bring a boomerang to a digeridoo fight.

In Cleveland, they attack you with accordons.

Accordions... I say accordions, boy ( you weren't listenin' )

I agree that "consensual fight" sounds weird to American ears. Maybe they had to kiss and apologize before it was over?

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