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March 20, 2010


But we know what makes us uncomfortable.

(Thanks to Ralph and DavCat)


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Two comments:

1. "Ouch"

B. Where was this last week when my basement flooded?

It will only light up once a month and is a bitch to turn off.

It's for those "light days."

soaking up the gazes of art lovers

Need I say more?

Better get out and see it while you can. It will only be on display for a short period.

But what brand did they use? Shoddy reporting.

Bonmot made a remark yesterday about the baby dressed like Hitler. I think it applies here as well.
Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is keeping a straight face until the check clears.

Overheard in the heavy-flow of onlookers, cramped into the small space:
"I don't think it would be liked by Men, Oh...(pause)... is it Hot in here???"

Bloody good show!

Does it have a little pull-string for an on-off switch?

I hear the lesbian artist who came up with that menstruosity traded in her menstrual cycle for a moped.

I have a friend stuck with about a case of tampons after her hysterectomy. That Christmas she made little angel ornaments out of them and hung them all over her house for her traditional Christmas buffet. She wondered why no one ate much that year.

I know a guy who uses them for emergency campfire starters. Teases out into fuzz about the size of a softball.

We're gonna need a bigger hooha.

That is uptight and outta sight.


light up my wife . . .

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