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March 25, 2010


A ‘witch doctor’ has been jailed for eight months after claiming he could cure a blind man – by feeding him gherkins laced with LSD.

(Thanks to DavCat, Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)

We saw the LSD-Laced Gherkins open for the Strawvberry Alarm Clock.


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So, what's the problem? The blind man started "seeing things" after that, didn't he?

But did it improve his driving?

Ooh, that's cold, man.

Hairdressing Shaman WBAGNFA Nicolas Cage movie, by the way.

There was supposed to be another line up there:

‘You are a hairdresser, not a shaman,’ Judge Markus Faerber told Baecker in court.

A Shaman? Isn't he the Pres in 24?

Hairdressing Shaman WBAGNFA Adam Sandler movie. Sequel to Zohan.

Rasta Tommy.

Sounds like he had him over a barrel.

We had a Congressman here in Texas named J.J. Pickle.

His wife's name was Beryl. IANMTU.

Pickles laced with LSD?
The doctor can't be serious!
They'd NEVER make a blind man see
But maybe quite dill-irious.

*waiting for Insomniac's lyrical riff on the Witch Doctor song by Alvin and the Chipmunks . . .*

Don't do the brown gerkins, man.

Hold the pickles . ..

any topple will do if need be.

....special orders don't upset us.....
far out. did you see THAT?

I think MickeyMouse's gotten into the pickles again.

some desire, that's all I wanted when I was hospitalized for porcelaain insanity!

Ever see the movie Bob? funny guy

Pickle haze all in my brain
Cucumbers just don't seem the same
Tastin' funny, but it sure is fine
'Scuse me while I lick the brine

Pickle haze all around
Don't know if it's sweet or sour
Is it Kosher, this chemistry?
Whatever it is, that dude put a dill in me

Did anybody think that just maybe the guy was complaining of having a limp pickle? They have medicine for that now.

Great Post !! yeh I can't believe it didn't work..But Whats the actually problem..can you please tell me whole things in brief..

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