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March 31, 2010


There's a gorilla on Mars.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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If it is alive, it sure didn't react to the rover going right by it (follow the tracks).

'Mr Cooper, 43, of Grimsby, Lincs, added: "I'm convinced there is life out there."'

By "out there", does he mean "outside me mum's basement"?

Psssssst...his wife is looking for him on Venus...

It's one of the White Apes Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote about in A Princess of Mars.

The St. Petersburg monkey strikes again!

I'm sorry, is he some kind of Mo-Ron?

"Gorilla my dreams,
I see you ... "

Nah, that's not a gorilla ... that's merely a STATUE of a gorilla ... they worship gorillas on Mars ...

The Sun. Always good for a laugh.

Gets 'em every time.


Gets 'em every time.

Gorillas on Mars ?! Ha ! Martians are such practical jokers.

John Carter seems to have gone native.

How many real scientists "reckon"?

Who cares about the monkey on mars: What the heck is that on uranus?

Well, at least, it's not Jesus this time.

I am a real scientist, and I reckon... occasionally.

If a scientist reckons...that's enough for me.

Mebbe we oughta 'reckon'oiter and find out for sure.

I see animals on earth that are more than a mirage, this I can't (won't) be sure of..

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