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March 29, 2010


Ancient doorway to afterlife discovered in Egypt

(Thanks to Katie in FL)


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The door, 1.75 metres (5.7 feet) high and 50 cm (19 inches) thick, is engraved with religious texts.....

Translation: Gentlemen

Why does my post keep disappearing? Is it going through the door?

I was wondering if the door was a portal to this?

I ain't gonna say nothing about "User Friendly". Nope, nothing at all.

Can I have that installed in the boss's office?

Can we put that door here on the blog so we can send our pesky spammer through it?

So far I haven't seen 'it' today Siouxie. I hope that Judi has hunted them down and destroyed their computer. I don't understand why they feel the need to do that. If they would just act normal like the rest of us they could make some really great friends.

Is there a slot for quarters?

"A large red granite false door from the tomb of an ancient queen's powerful vizier has been discovered in Luxor,"

That's funny. I've been to The Luxor (Las Vegas) a number of times, and I've never seen anything that looks like this.

Whether it says "Push" or "Pull," half the people won't be able to get to the afterlife.

You really wanna watch yourself around the Queens' vizier.

Especially if it's powerful.

We have that, but we call it the Golden Arches.

"The newly discovered door was reused during the Roman period. It was removed from the tomb of User and used in the wall of a Roman structure,"

If User was already dead, who was doing the using?

Wasn't this already discovered by Peter Venkman and Raymond Stantz?

I'm sure this is the door Zuul once used to worship Gozer the Gozerian.

Jeez - do NOT show that to our Code Compliance people, or we will never be allowed into the afterlife.

that doesn't look red to me...

i need one of those at work.

Thank goodness we're safe! Most Americans won't fit through a door that small.


True dat, Dave.

The question is, will Dave be done seder-ing in time for the important business of the night?

Around here, sassing your mama will find you the door to the afterlife.

And now, Don Pardo, tell us what's behind door number three.

They don't tell you this, but, the door to the afterlife first takes you into the Gift Shop, where you are obliged to purchase Afterlife refrigerator magnets, coffee mugs, T-shirts with stupid sayings, snow globes, photo frames, keychains, baseball hats, giant fuzzy slippers with odd characters, and bumper stickers.

Yes, the afterlife is a theme park, and you can't get in unless you have stuff for those who went before you.

At least, that's what L. Ron tells me.

I already have something similar.

That's pretty good Meanie.

No KARNAK comment? Are your readers all too young to remember Johnnie Carson?

I remember Carson when he was the new guy. No one else has ever come close to being good enough to lick the road grime off the soles of his shoes.

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