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March 18, 2010


Name change of the week so far.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I wonder if Fuk King Kwaq is a doctor?

Wait a minute...John Pearce Dick changed his name to John Dick Pearce?


Good one, dude.

They named their kid "Ivana Fukova" and then they petition to change it?


Mary Jo Porn's lawyer offices on Wacker Drive.

They changed "Ivana Fukova" to "Ivana Hervert." So much better and yet, not.

"...Ivana Fukova, an infant over the age of fourteen years..."

Some kids never grow up.

My mom's best friend growing up was named Julie Tiddy and she had a brother. Evidently they made fun of kids even in the 40's! Her brother is a lawyer now and he changed his name to Teddy. I can't say I blame him. Fortunately Julie married a guy with a normal last name.


Ok...who forgot to lock the door again???

I think they got in when we opened the link in the parachuting bear thread, Siouxie.

Wheww...judi got rid of her/him/it.

Thank goodness. They were giving me a headache.

He should have gone for Fuk Andy. Could have changed his luck.

No Andys were harmed in the typing of this weak-ass joke.

i went to summer camp with a guy named ira schmuckler.

there were a lot of people named ira in those days.

Seymour Hair changed his name after he wrote " The Open Kimono ".

We had a governor here in Texas named "Ima Hogg".

My wife once had a neighbor named Dick Divine. He had a passel of kids.
"Passel". Now, that's a word you don't see much anymore.

We have a nuisance duck in the back yard, too. All it does is Fuk King Qwak all day.

LMAO Loud!

Inconspicuous is the way to go here.

Really do have ducks. A drake & a hen mallards. Strutting around under the bluebird house the last two days.

Ducks are cute. My family had 3 ducks when I was a kid.

And so good in gumbo . . .

I went to college with Ira Schmuckler, and he was the guy who inspired me to lose my virginity, although not with him. We did get it on later, though :-)

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