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March 24, 2010


Former Florida inmate gets 15 years in prison for trying to break back into jail

(Thanks to many people)


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eh - dumba$$.

Here's a link to a story with mug shot after face meets barbed wire...

If I was part of "the victims' family", I'd never let him get close enough to the jail. My jumper cables don't reach that far.


Isn't it great when a plan really comes together?

Does this count on the recidivism statistics? (And try saying that ten times fast.)

We had a fellow in jail here a few years ago that had killed a child. The little town, close to Shelby, thought so much of him they all came together to pay his bail so he could get out. He got on his knees in front of the judge and begged him not to let them bail him out because he knew what would happen. Unfortunately the judge revoked all bail and as far as I know he is still in jail. I think justice would have been better served had he been given an opportunity to go back and talk with the victim's family and friends.

a gay "sunday school teacher" got sent away, and the church had compassion, very nice, except for the devoted outcast..

Seems like being a cop in Florida wouldn't be much of a challenge, based on the stories of master criminals I read in this blog.

Yeah bon, like driving the car backwards to roll back the odometer.

I wonder if this guy is related to the two geniuses that called in to the bank before robbing it?

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