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March 20, 2010


In a New York art gallery, seven house plants have spent the last seven weeks watching "Strange Skies," probably the first travel documentary for a vegetable audience.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Here's a movie they might enjoy...

The documentary grows on you.

Just what the world needs, educated bacteria.

More popcorn!

"I figure these books should be beneficial to both microbes and humans: by providing bacteria with a good education, we'll be able to improve their quality of life, and to discourage them from becoming pathogens."

I dunno, I think the artist has been lighting some plants, IYKWIM.

This sounds more like a school science project instead of art.

Does the reviewer have a steak in the outcome?

I've met some very cultured bacteria.

I'll bet you anything this is funded by a Federal Grant..

AND that the proponent is on AWOL status from a local Psych facility...

most likely he is a Vegan, too

Is "conceptual artist" a new euphemism I haven't run into before? This sounds kind of d*#%. Sort of like, "Oh, that poor conceptual artist. I hear he licks traffic signs."

unless of course, you count congress.

If a film bombs in a forest, but there's no one there to see it, can it still win an Oscar?

If a wife nags in a forest, but her mother's not there to hear her, is the husband still wrong?

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