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March 23, 2010


A City Gripped by Fear

Chilling Excerpt: Not only did the thieves steal 16 to 20 roosters and hens, but they took a 20-pound Flemish giant rabbit and a miniature stallion as well.

(Thanks to Mary Allen)


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"He’s a stallion, so he can be pretty strong, but for the most part he’s pretty friendly and you can drag him wherever you want," Bernard said.

I seem to recall my ex describing me to a friend of hers that way.

Tonight on Dinner: Impossible, Robert must create a unique dinner for 30 guests using only local ingredients. Will he succeed or will it be Dinner: Impossible?

"I doubt that the chickens would travel the three and a half miles themselves," agreed Rod Inman, deputy sheriff....

"Although *scratches chin* .... I did see them cross the road....."

I bet the stallion was more than a little embarresed by being called miniature.

You just know that NOW they're gonna lock the barn door . . .

Anybody see Sylvester Stallone lately ?

Oh wait, they didn't say if the stallion was Italian or not, did they ?

It was shrinkage, I tell you.

-- G. Costanza

A phlegmish rabbit?

a miniature stallion
So maybe the guys claiming to be hung like horses really are. Miniature, that is.


Mel Gibson made a documentary movie about this, Chicken Run.

The only Italian stallion I remember (from back in the day)was a male stripper at The Crazy Horse Saloon - Felix, the Italian Stallion. Suzy should remember him as well.

Maybe Frank Zappa's kids got lit up and decided to commemorate his life with a pygmy pony party?

"Me and my pygmy pony,
Over by the dental floss bush..."

Really miss that old flesh-rippin' weasel...

Maybe the Flemish " giant " rabbit could use that soap.

Apparently some officianadoes (sp?) of bestiality like a little variety.

I smell a barnyard here. Does anyone have experience trying to catch a flock of chickens? Well, neither do I but my wife says it's darn hard.

Is that a giant flemish rabbit in your pocket, or...

Mmmmmmm . . . hasenpfeffer . . .

*snork* @ tas !

*Schlemeil, schlemizel, hasenpfeffer incorporated !!*

this is felix the italian stallion in calif good to see that people still remember me i hope to write a book some day 25 yrs of good times iam on facebook under edward felix foglia let me know you read this FELIX THE ITALIAN STALLION

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