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March 26, 2010


This has been today's medical update from China.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax)


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Get a Bro, dude!

Jack Nicholson, eat your heart out.

HEY! You can't just put that picture up without warning! Jesucristo!

Ham, you have to set up your computer like I have mine, with the automated eye bleach dispensers. Stings a little but it's worth it.

p.s. Siouxz -- don't see any mention of a wife in there, he may be SINgle....

And, he owns his own tractor! If he's willing to live in Minnesota I can have him married off in a week.

This before breakfast...


Of course he's single. With boobs like those who needs women?

"My eyes are UP HERE, ladies!"

Hammie, when I sent it in I did put in the warning but Dave is the guy who sneaks those Manilow pics into the 24 recaps every Monday.


pad, sorry butt..I refuse to be with someone that's got bigger boobs than me.


Moooooooooo ooooooommmmmmmm!!!

I'm glad the photo stopped short of showing what is just a tad lower.

The man's a dairy farmer? Why do I find that funny?

Cuz you're a guy, Mot.

Can't he just have a breast reduction?

This is probably one of those new terrorists mentioned a few topics ago.

Mot, I had the same thought.

*smacks Jeff for breaking the blog* *again*

Mot, methinks he had WAY too much fun with the milking machine.

Also, I am surprised that the man ever left his house.

Jeff has quite a slant on things.

Everybody send in more articles to post so this one gets shoved down the screen! Stat!

And kill the italics some more!

Jeff, you're on italics probation.

Did the doctor just ask him to cough?

This puts a whole new slant on things...

He used to be a breast man....until he grew his own!

I think he likes being groped.

Gee, does anything think they are putting extra hormones in their cows at the dairy farm? Naah, why China has the best safety record...

World's biggest man boobs?

We'll need a better picture to be absolutely sure, but Brian Zembic might argue the point.

Now if those hooters were on a woman you blog guys would be all over it or them.

I want to see him interviewed on Letterman.

Hey Punkin -- jealous?

Let's see 'em cure THAT with acupuncture.

Jeff,--it's a manssiere! Not a bro!

bonmot - I've just mailed him my old training bras.

(The come with a whip & chair)


THEY come....

Oh, nevermind.

Would that be considered heavage?

More like disturbage. He should run a chicken wing farm.

Meanie, I heaved.

I'm surprised 2bRich is the only one to pick up on the hormone angle.
That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw "Dairy
farmer". If they're putting the stuff into the cow's feed to increase milk production, he's breathing it every day. Well at least he proved
that it works.

Are you on some drugs dude? Looks gross.

Freakin' big trouble in little China.

Talk about a Shanghai Surprise!

I dunno, 53 years old and no sagging to be seen? It seems a shame to get rid of them...

Spicy new beef dish - Moo Goo Guy Boob.

Jeez- you spend twenty years shoveling hay and powdered estrogen and whatta ya get? An udder day older and deeper in debt.

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