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March 22, 2010


Unfortunately, our strict policy against making fun of names prohibits us from bringing you today's film-star update.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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i rememba him! who?

I went to school with Ben's sister, Eileen.

And i used to eat at their uncle's house - Otto Matt.

Was he the guy that Yogi Berra was referring to?

GNFA p0rn star though.

I'm certain I don't want to see Ben Dova in "Naked City".

He was in Marathon Man? "Is it safe?"

He survived the Hindenburg explosion. His dog, sadly, did not.

A regular prison movie typecast.

Reminds me of a great book I once read - "Jump Off the Cliff" by Hugo Furst.

He should work for the IRS. Or my ex's divorce attorney.

He was the star in many health movies for prostate exams.

Oh, the humanity!

Isn't he related to Rabbi Ben Dova from the Miami Gay & Lesbian synagogue??

Often paired with Turner Head and N. Coff.

Was his favorite band the Butthole Surfers?

This blog rocks. Note that Ben's popularity rating has risen over 3,000% recently.

And he was in " Mr. Wonderful " ...?

Didn't he also star in "Rectum? Nearly killed 'em!"
"My Sphincter Eileen?"

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