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March 31, 2010


Hello honest people.........
We got your contact from our Microsoft data-base system.
This is to inform you all that have lost money to Scammers in Africa, Europe and USA. We hear by inform you there is quick opportunity for you mostly on lottery. My name is FBI brad Martins I assure you am doing all I can to get your lost money back in 2 days . I know what scam means. I work with the global scam Fither in CA 93535.we have all the global scam computer to trace all Scammers Name and location. Reply back to us. We just caught a scammer now, and we found some money with him, we are returning it back to those involves.
This mean your money will be refund back to you.
Get back to the FBI through this email for immediate response
[email protected]


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It is worded exactly like an official government document.

"Brad's" Russian accent in writing is good, da?Better than the guys on 24. Comrade.

Sounds righteous to me.

He didn't exactly say he was in the FBI, he said he was FBI Brad.

Sort of like FBI Barbie, I guess.

"My name is FBI brad Martins"

Yeah.........and my name is Nynyola Gabbalucci....

But...but guys he said he has "global scam computer"! It has to be legit!

So, what are you waiting for? They hear by inform!

Please forward my share directly to the Rock Bottom Remainders Fund for Indigent Fans.

I believe this is legitimate. I bet they could help my Nigerian friends get their money. Such kind people.

They have a Microsoft data-base system, just like at CTU!

What is the "global scam Fither"?

Anyone? Bueller?

I am scam.
Spam i am.
I do not like that scam spam sham.

and the f.b.i uses gmail too!

Don't just accept his word that he's FBI, test him. Make him set up a perimeter. If Kiefer Sutherland chases a terrorist through the perimeter 30 seconds later, then he's a real FBI agent.

Dear FBI Brad,

Are you by any all means single? The Nurse Cindy wants to know. I can for sure assure you she will love you long time.

Honestly yours,

Not a Scammer

There's a website out there somewhere devoted to folks that scam the scammers. They make them do ridiculous things like put on ladies' dresses and send out pictures to prove their earnestness. What some of those scammers will do to try to preserve what they hope is a scam is hilarious.

Siouxie! Tsk,tsk to you. Of course if FBI Brad has as much money as I think he does.... no. Still wouldn't do it. We'll pass this one on to Annie or Diva.

"" We hear by ..." sounds like the FBI to me

The 419 baiters website is the one you're looking for.

I think it should read "your money will be refunned to you."

For some reason, when I read that I was reminded of some of the credit card offers I have gotten over the years. I don't know why, because the credit card companies assured me that they had my best interests at heart.

Thanks, wiredog. That is amusing.

I don't usually forward these messages, but I checked with the FBI, and verified that Brad is a real undercover agent. I contacted him, and I have received back all the money that was scammed from me, and an extra million dollars from some guy in Nigeria. You should forward this message to all of your friends, and contact Brad as soon as humanly possible. If you don't forward this, you will have bad luck for seven years, and get warts on your ...

Steve, when the credit card companies talked about your best interests, they meant the 22.8% compounded kind of interests.

FBI Lewis Erskine used the very same language every week on TV, so it must be genuine.

Global scam Fither.
Clearly a typo - he meant global scam FATHER, along the same lines as 'The Godfather'.

Dear to Brad--

I am sank-you for letter most timely received. I don't happy about scam I soon received. I lose the mostly big sum of Roubles 250, in 8 years ago. With interests compounding and exchanging rates I will to expect 10,000 of U. States dollars. I will to promise send receipt when get monies most promptly. Will also be grateful to share with software of Rosetta and the Speel checkers.

"Reply back to us. We just caught a scammer now, and we found some money with him, we are returning it back to those involves."

He's lying, folks. He has not, and will never, catch me.

Dear FBI Brad,

To prove that you are not a fake please do the following:

Film yourself getting a bikini wax.

(That should scare him off)

Based on his flawless English, I think that FBI Brad supplements his government salary by moonlighting as a customer service rep at AT&T.

Speaking of FBI agents, Anna Torv of Fringe is on Craig Ferguson tonite...

Or it may be an alternate universe Craig Ferguson, who knows?

Hey, he worked in CA 93535. Isn't that enough for you...you...cynics??

"..we are returning it back to those involves"

*snork: idiot! shirley he meant 'those in Volvos'*

I would reply back to him but I'm too upset about my dead, rich, unknown, Nigerian relatives. Who, for some reason, decided that out of everyone in my very large family, I was the one they wanted to have their millions. I wonder when they left Ireland or Scotland and went to Nigeria? Poor unknown Uncle whoever.

Padraig, thanks for nothing. Now, I've lost my faith that banks care only for my welfare.
True story; I once went to a Sears store to beg them to tell me how to get Sears to quit sending me those weekly pre-approved credit card offers.
The manager on duty told me that he had no idea but if I found out, please come back and tell him because they were driving him crazy.
I finally found out how, but you can only do it for 5 years at a time.

Dear Mr. FBI Brad, I am hoping you can help for me a problem. I am winning ticket of many million Euro lottery. A tragedy, the last camel of my departed uncle was eaten due to bad hunger conditions in my village, and I not can able to travel to Capital City to claim my winnings. Since you are honest FBI police, I send you winning ticket. To you I entrust half of Euros winnings. Please send my portion in camels and goats. Most sincerely your obedient servant, Hasahawahla Mbezico.

Why do I have the nagging feeling all this will be the underlying story line of next season's Damages?

I hope you guys are watching this by the way; Martin Short is doing a hell of a job, and against Glenn Close that's not easy to do...

LOL - good one, mikey.

"I know what scam means."

Yep, I bet he does.


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