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March 22, 2010


Save Boogertown

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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You sure "Pick" some wierd stories to blog.

Crusty booger ol' geezer sing-a-long:

I got some troubles but they wont last
They're not gonna touch one blade of grass
That new builder can kiss my @ss
cos i'm in boo boo boo, boo boo boo,
boo boo boo boo boo boo Boogertown.

I have a feeling the mayor is going to be looking for a new job after the next election. The area I live in has always been known as Booger Hollow. I'm not sure why and kind of wish I'd known that before I moved here.

Picked a winner there, Dave.

*resists urge to comment on Bogger Hollow*

This neighborhood used to be called Yellow Hook (because of the yellow soil) until the yellow fever epidemic of 1853, when they changed it to Bay Ridge.

dave there's a great ad campaign here. you need to contact that mayor. maybe RBR can do a benefit concert....

Sorry, 'booger hollow'

Dave does have a nose for the weird stories.

Boogers are his beat, Jeff.

He's never one to shy away from a sticky situation.

He snot afraid to dig deep.

"Save Boogertown"? How much have they accumulated, I wonder?

It would be a good place for a Kleenex factory.

*snork* @ siouxie!

For much of my working life, I drove around in eastern Kentucky. There are a number of "Booger Hollow"s in the area. Considering that the 911 system renamed a bunch of the roads, I have to wonder what "Booger Hollow" was an improvement on. "Snot Lane"?

Nasal Passage?

Who nose... wonder if there was Hanky Panky goin' on...

*snork* (while holding kleenex) at t8!

Good one, trustf8, but I think it would be better in the islands. Hollows (hollers), by definition around Kentucky, rarely go anywhere.
We had one hollow in Rockcastle Co. KY that was named Possum Kingdom. Who knew they had royalty?

Bless you, tash

Gotta make a move to a
Tissue that's right for me
Tissue to keep me blowin'
Keep air flowin' relatively free

Well, I talk about it
honk about it
talk about it
honk about it
honk about, Talk about
Talk about blowin'

Gotta mucus
Gotta mucus
Gotta mucus

Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to

- nose, inc.

Camden is the runny nose of America, so there could not be a better place for it.

The people of Boogertown argue that this road would that would become the thoroughfare is less than 16 feet wide and in a historic neighborhood with no sidewalks, that becomes a safety issue.


Darn, this domain name is taken.

The gub'mint should build a nasal base there.

*outtathenoseblowsnork* @ mud! good one!

*snort* all (mmm green)


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