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March 30, 2010


...and then there's this.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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That's one way to find yourself in a pickle.

Dumb a$$. Was he hoping he would die from embarrassment? Because that's the only way this would work.

Suicide attempt is probably a red herring. Heck, he may have tried to use a red herring.

Gerbils are fond of pickles? Who knew.

"Cucumber Enema" WBAGNFARB?

It's always baffled me why Murkins always mangle "hara-kiri" into "harry-carry".

Breaking news, indeed. Maybe that guy who ran naked through the supermarket was shoplifting after all.

Lock up the salad shooter.


Death by dill.

Might've werked if he's soaked it in Bear Spit first ...

I'm thinking nobody really believes this was a suicide attempt. What else was he going to tell people?

He was found in a pool of blood by his daughter? And she was just standing there? Did she step in it?

Take him to Taco Bell and six hours later, AWESOME.

NMUA, technically, he was around a pickle.

That's a pretty half-sour way to take yourself out.

...while listening to a Manilow CD, no doubt.

People in Hong Kong do it bass-ackwards. In my state, even kids using vegetables shoot themself in the head.

Cucumbers don't kill people, people kill people. Nuff said!

Someone should've translated for him that they're not really "spears".

Medics said a severe tear to the man's anus was not life-threatening.

Well, on the bright side, his daughter can be pretty sure he's straight. NTTAWWT

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