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March 20, 2010


A Niagara Falls man claims that on two occasions he was just minding his own business outside a city bar when he was shot in the head.

(Thanks to Michael McNelis)


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If I believed in God, I'd take this as a very big sign.

And who is such a bad shot, by the way?

He needed that like a hole in the head. Er, guess he needed it.

time to find another bar...or wear a helmet.

I suspect his "business" involves large amounts of lab equipment, cold medicine, underground storage, and unregistered assault rifles. Just a guess.

I agree padraig. Either that or he is not well liked in the community.

Hey, it's always the innocent bystander who gets wounded.

Yeah ... mebbe he's merely been chosen for target practice, and no malice wuz actually intended ...

Mmmm... I think he is checking the oil in other men's cars...

Slowly I turned .... step by step... inch by inch .... BANG!!

Heyyyyyyyy, Abbbbbbottttttttt!!!!

Maybe this guy needs to start getting into fights. Could be safer.

The world's worst assassin reloads... again.

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