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March 18, 2010


Naked Swiss brothel fire man speaks of bum anonymity fear

WARNING: Bum alert.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Memeth", huh? Sounds like he's from Asscrackistan.

The man who was forced to flee naked onto a window ledge after a fire broke out in a transsexual brothel has said he hopes his family won't be able to recognise him from pictures of his bottom.

Siouxie? Look familiar?



Nope, Jeff. Don't recognize his butt face.

Obviously too important a story to help the guy out.

"Bum Alert" WBAGwarning to hang on pretty much any public transportation system anywhere.

*Goes back to being unduly influenced by the "Oh, Man, I'm Going To Hell For Laughing At That" group on Facebook*


If he wasn't a punter he must have been the catcher?

Urban Dictionary on "Punter":

"London slang for costumer, may also be used for 'johns' (among prostitutes and police agents), people who watch porn movies or go to strip joints regularly."

Or, in the case of the Denver Broncos, the only guy who earned his paycheck last season.

WD: I assume the dictionary didn't actually say "costumer". If so, that guy must have been dressed as Lady Godiva.

I thought "punter" was Brit slang for someone who bets on sports events, which apparently is something of a national pastime over there. Half their football teams are sponsored by betting parlors.

"He told Blick that he had been friends with the transsexual, identified only as 'Tamilo H', for ten years, and had been partying with him in the apartment. He then fell asleep, only to wake and find the appartment was on fire."

So... exactly when did he get naked? Inquiring minds etc...

Is a transexual brothel a mutual masturbatorium? We, the uninformed, need to know.

I wondered the same thing Tony. Usually when I go to friends houses we don't end up naked. In fact that's never happened. Mot, you don't need to know.

What a silly punt.

Naked Swiss brothel fireman might have been more interesting to me.
Acute gluteal cognitophobia?

NS, Naked Swiss Brothel Firemen wbagnfarb. I'd go see them.

I guess it depends on how close the friends are, cindy.

"'I'm gay, but my family don't know about me so I couldn't show my face,' 33-year-old Memeth, who Blick says works in gay bar in Zurich, explained."

BRILLIANT! The family will never suspect a thing. I would also like to know why his family would know what his naked ass looks like at 33 years old. The last time my family saw my ass naked my age was in the single digits.

Maybe he needed to go visit his "friend" to get away from his ass peeping relatives.

Well, my wife knows what my naked rear looks like so ....no, I guess that explanation won't work in this case.

Need I say, dumbass.

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