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March 12, 2010


(Thanks to Guin)


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It was actually this guy.

No, I think it was this gentleman.

Sir August de Winter: "A man with an umbrella is a man praying for rain."
John Steed: "And a man without one is a fool."

this is where all this homeland security crud gets us.

Wonder if Wellesley, MA also has high rates of hypertension and bedwetting...?

It could have been a Jame Bond umbrella with a poison tip.

The fools! Have these people never seen A Clockwork Orange?

Walking in Wellesley is a suspicious act with or without an umbrella. At least drive a Porsche if you don't want to wash the Rolls.

I'd rather see a link to her.

*snork* @ Ralph. I grew up there. You are SO right.

Bonmot--*sigh* You are SO right! My favorite!

Yeah, there's a big ole wistful sigh for Diana Rigg. I'm right there with ya!

Allen, if you watched all of the episodes of "The New Avengers" as well as "The Avengers" itself, you know there was only one episode, part of "The New Avengers" actually, involving a building that could generate its own protective mechanisms to thwart intruders -- including at one point turning on the overhead sprinklers -- that Steed actually opened up his umbrella, in order to shield himself along with Gambit and Purdy.

Of course if you watched all of the episodes of "The New Avengers" as well as "The Avengers" itself, you know the movie "The Avengers" was utter crap. (Yes, I know we heard Steed's voice, and yes, Sean Connery in a kilt was probably more than enough to get the ladies into the theater, but still...)

"Always keep your bowler on in times of stress, and a watchful eye open for diabolical masterminds" -- Emma Peel

Words to live by

For Allen and bonmot. Because I'm feeling generous. This is for you. Enjoy.

I did watch "The New Avengers" and certainly enjoyed Joanna Lumley's high kicks--and felt tricked by the vastly hyped appearance of Diana Rigg in one episode (a short friggin' PHONE CALL!).

Is this the time to mention that I met Diana on a trip to London? She was doing Pygmalion and I stalked her waited outside the stage door. I still have her autograph and the pen she signed it with...

This is what Ms. Rigg looked like when she met Allen.

Smokin' hot.

They don't allow umbrellas in many major league stadiums.

Especially the domed ones.

Allen I wonder if we were standing outside the same stage door together. I too sucumbed to the beauty of Diana Rigg and made sure to see her live on stage while in London. I found her better in person.

Was he looking for a Bulgarian immigrant?

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