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March 31, 2010


Man breaks into North Alabama home, claims to be Jesus Christ and says he is there to have sex

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Gee whiz where on earth do people come up with this stuff. Do they really believe that? Or are they just giving people a line and hope that they buy it?

Gun Town does not sound like the kind of place to do a lot of breaking & entering... .

Sounds more like a reenactment of an event from the Life of Brian than of Holy Week.

A man broke into a Franklin County home on Sunday and told the owner that he was Jesus Christ and was there to have sex with his wife and daughter, the TimesDaily in Florence reports

They forgot to add NTTAWWT.

Is the fact the guy is a total loon why the linked story below leads to the "Sinagogue (sic) of Satan" website?

He asked for the daughter too, so he was hoping for a second coming of Christ?

I got nuthin after that one, Marty.....

He jes' Come from Alabama...

*jumps into handbasket with marty*

Excellent, Marty.

I've met a lot of men that thought they were God but this is the first time I've heard of one claiming to be the Son Of God.

He shoulda licquored 'em up first, with that ole "water into wine" trick.

*climbs in the Easter basket*

A friend of mine (in AA) used to think he was Christ, another (also in AA) thought he was the antichrist (something about being in room number 666 at the psych ward).

If they'd arrived at meetings at the same time we would've had lots of fun...

Today they are, respectively, an architect and a biologist.

The mental examination seems redundant at this point. . .

omelet bonmot share my basket, but first i gots to crack afew eggs...

*and bring some a that 'holy water, friend!

uh-oh, tf8's been hitting the sauce again.

I'll have what he's having.
There seem to be a number of cults around where this actually works. Maybe he just rushed the process.

HE was just lookin' to get nailed.

He almost convinced them when he was able to walk on waterbad.

that was bad bed, Sharkie...bed....

wiredog: i used to belong to a (very) loose-knit organization that called itself "the fraternal order of anti-christs and messiahs" and while i suppose some of the members are now in a.a. we used to mostly drink at our "meetings".

The Capture!

*Go ahead, get in your handbaskets. I'm being left behind for certain*

Jesus Christ? During Holy Week?? Not uncommon.

But it's a bad scene when you get 2 Jesus's on the Unit at the same time, just a little competition, there..

I just would not want this personal Second coming to happen inside my home...Where would be the Clouds of Glory??

Best. Cult. Ever!

Ass is it Holy Week, I am trying to behave...so I will not comment on this. I will, however, take a lovely group photo of those of you heathens in the handbasket. (Heathens in a Handbasket WBAGNF an atheist RB)


Siouxie, funny, but I was in another discussion this week where a gentleman called me an "infidel". I corrected him and said I preferred to be called a "heathen".
He didn't seem to take correction well.

*we WILL break her*

Can't believe I'm the first:
Jesus F&@#ing Christ!

A visit from Jesus is a big "Biden" deal. His wife preferred Jesus who cuts the lawn.

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